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Boys shared bedroom design plan and update

Today I’m making a plan to change up the design plan and update my boys shared bedroom.

MY eldest (11) has recently expressed his feelings about having bedroom decor that says “lil man cave” on the wall and has requested something for “bigger kids”. So today I’m creating a mood board with a kid approved design plan to make both boys feel like their room is more of a reflection on them.

To start: I’m taking down all the old decor

I guess the only place to start is a thorough cleaning and to rid the room of all of the old decor.

We have framed art that says lil man cave, mommas little bears, and many more (I’m sure embarrassing) sayings on the wall. Those will all come down to make room for “bigger kids stuff.

Next, I’ll Pick a theme to make both boys in this shared space happy

Originally we had a campout theme in their room shared room. They had a tent next to their small bookshelf and a bean bag chair to read in. Since then, I’ve taken the tent down to allow for more room for a wall mounted book shelf. This has really opened the space up.

large bookshelf with colored books

We’re keeping the Beddys Bedding we have on both of the boys beds. It’s my absolute favorite bedding for kids. Read all about it here!

We’ve gathered a few prints that have more to do with travel and maps that I think we’re going to try to incorporate. So good by to the campout theme and hello to travel theme.

Lastly, time to get shopping!

I’m keeping most of the furniture and am adding a desk. But I’m swapping out the rug to something more cozy, adding some new bedding, and need to come up with a creative lego area.

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I also have a discount code for 15% off Beddys Bedding. Use THEFARMHOUSELIFE15 at checkout  here:This is the DASH bedding

Alright, That’s it for now. Next, I’ll need to gather everything so I can give this shared bedroom a refresh!


Come see the finished project!

Kids Decorating ideas for boys!

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