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Kids bedroom decorating ideas for boys

Looking for Decorating ideas for boys? Here I’ll show how I decorated my boys room; answering your questions and giving ideas along the way!

My boys room was in need of some TLC! Not only was their rug needing to be replaced, but they were feeling that their room was too “little kid’ish” and didn’t feel their space reflected their personalities!

So, I set out to create a kids bedroom that inspired them to do all things boys want to do in their room like read, play legos, draw comics. etc.

As I update my boys room decor I’ll be sure to answer your decorating questions and try and give you lots of ideas for decorating your kids rooms.

What’s the best way to decorate a kids bedroom?

You might be asking yourself what’s the best way to decorate a kids bedroom? Where do I start? What elements do I need to make sure I add to my boys space?

Well, I always say, start by making a list of all the activities your kids like to use their space for? Do they love to read? Then add a bookshelf to easily display all their books. Add a cozy chair that they can curl up in to read.

Maybe your boys like to play legos but you aren’t sure where to store them all? This is where I ran into trouble. My boys bedroom was completely covered in legos leaving no room to walk around! The solution was under the bed lego storage bins! This way they can slide out their bins to play legos whenever they want, but when they’re through, they can just tuck them away back under the bed so they aren’t in the way!

When decorating a kids bedrooms It’s always best to pick a theme that reflects their personality. This way, once you have that theme you can easily coordinate decor to piggie-back off that idea.

My boys love to play outside and in the woods. They love to explore. So, I went went a map/adventure theme. And this theme was pretty easy to find coordinating decor.

What are the best boys room ideas?

If you’re wondering what are the best boys room ideas when considering a theme, then I’d say first check out Pinterest. Simply type in boys room theme ideas and you’ll be shown thousands of options.

Try and pick something that reflects what stage your boys are in and their interests.

I found some really inexpensive boys room decor at Hobby Lobby, including an awesome large map! These items fit in so well with my overall theme!

The best way to organize a kids room

The best way to organize a kids room is to try and work their favorite toys, books, or games into the layout of their room.

For instance, my boys like to draw comics. So I make sure to add a desk with all their “comic” supplies. This way they’re accessible and organized in the desk drawers.

They also love to read. So I added a cozy reading nook for them to curl up and read in. I also added a reading light over their bed to make it easier to read at night.

Don’t forget to utilize all the space in their room. This includes under their beds, desk, closets, and bookshelves.

Adding plastic containers to sort out things like Pokemon cards and storing them under their beds or in their closets will help everything stay organized.

What colors are suitable for kids bedroom? And why?

This is an interesting question and I think it has many answers. First, choose a color that is going to fit in well with the theme you’ve chosen always comes first. That will still leave many color choices available.

Next, I’d say look for colors that are categorized as being “calming”. Because at the end of the day we want our boys bedrooms to be relaxing for them to catch some zzzs at the end off the day.

If all else fails and you still aren’t sure, stick with something neutral like a creamy white or off-white or even gray.

Where to find kids room decor?

My favorite place to find kids room decor is Hobby Lobby. They have a great kids section that can accommodate lots of different themes. I was able to grab a lot of different signs to create murals in my boys room.

I also needed a new rug for my boys room. I ended up snagging one on Overstock for a steal of a price. I love the way the pattern fits in with my boys bedding.

My favorite bedding for my boys are hands down beddys. They have the best features and my boys are obsessed with them. Read about it here to see if they’re a good fit for your kids room.

I hope you’re feeling inspired! Be sure to pin for later!

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  1. Hi! Do you have a link for the bedframes and the round pillows at the foot of their beds? And are the Target pillows in the color rust or brown? Thank you so much for your time, I hope you respond! Love this whole setup.

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