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Staircase garland – How to decorate your stairs for Christmas!

Want to add Christmas garland to your staircase? Well, you’ve come to the right place! I’ll show you how – plus teach you my trick to making beautiful bows!

Step one – Gather your supplies to make garland for your stairs

To get started, we’ll need to gather up our supplies. First, we’ll need 2/4 strands of garland. This will depend on the length of your staircase. You want extra to be able to leave swoops in the garland.

Next, we’ll need small nails and a hammer. If you don’t want to put small holes in your staircase I’d suggest using command hooks.

Lastly, we’ll need a few rolls of our favorite ribbon and some floral wire. I like wired ribbon because It holds its shape the best. We’ll also need the floral wire to string up our ribbon once we’ve made the bows.

Step two – Hang your garland

When hanging our garland first we have to determine where we want our garland to sit. Do you want it on the outside, inside, or at the top of the banister? To help you determine where to put it – think about which angle you want it to be seen.

For instance, I put mine on the outside of the handrail because I like to see it from the entryway door.

Next, we need to either use our command hooks or hammer and nails to attach the ends of the garland to the banister. My garland had hoops on either side. So I hammered a small picture frame nail right through the loop to secure it in place.

Be sure to let it swoop a little in the middle and use another nail or command hook to secure it in place.

Repeat this process depending upon how long your stair rail is and how many strands of garland you have to hang.

Step three – Make your bows

To make our bows we’ll need to cut our ribbon into two strands. The length will depend on how long you want them to hang down. I like mine pretty long, so I opted for about 12 inches.

Tie one ribbon strand in the middle of the other strand, and then tie a bow. It will look not so pretty – but it’s ok. I have a tip.

Next, take one of the small tails that was leftover from the bow and wrap it down and in between the long strands of ribbon and then up through the middle of the bow. This will leave the front part looking very pretty and finished!

Then, tie the two small tails on the back of the bow to secure everything in place and then fluff everything out.

Step four – Attach your bows

Lastly, it’s time to attach our bows to our banisters. I’ve attached all three of mine to the posts on my staircase. It also works out to be the start, middle, and end of my garland.

To attach your bow simply string a 12 inch piece of floral wire through the back of your bow and then wrap it around the stair rail. Floral wire works great to hang your bow because all you have to do is wrap it around the spindle and twist each end to secure it in place.

Done – Doesn’t it look beautiful?!

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As always pals, thanks for reading long!

Much Love,

Kori ~From The Farmhouse Life

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