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How to decorate your mantel

Here are my best tips for decorating your fireplace mantel to create the perfect focal point!

How To Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel graphic.

When we bought our house last year  I was psyched that we had so many fireplaces… 6 to be exact! Fireplaces aren’t the most efficient ways to heat a house, but they sure are beautiful to look at. A room always needs a focal point and what better one then a decorated fireplace mantel!

When decorating your mantel, I’ve learned that less is more. You basically want one large piece to draw your attention to, or a few smaller ones proportionate to one another to balance each other out. Next, I like to frame in my mantel with gorgeous decor items like candlesticks. I also love fresh garland and love the touch of green it brings to a mantel. 

Above you can see that because of the width of the mantel and the ceiling clearance I decided to go with layered picture frames to highlight the length of this beautiful mantel. I also used the green faux garland (target) to add in a nice neutral. Lastly, my sconces and my candlesticks add to frame in the mantel.



WIth this mantel, I went with one main focal point (the mirror, also target). Then I used the fall garland to fill in the mantel, and lastly, the candlesticks to frame it in. Very basic, but a beautiful mantel none the less. We’re also working on removing the plaster that’s covering this brick on the inside of the fireplace. Make sure to check back in to see more pictures of this finished look! And more mantels as we refinish them!

I’m Kori and I’m so glad you’re here! Home design has always been a passion of mine. I love to find new ways to make my home feel and look beautiful. I’m a DIY girl who loves farmhouse style with a twist. And let’s face it…a room that reflects your style can boost your mood and make you feel happy! Join me and my family on this journey as we move from city life to farm life and follow along as we renovate our 1700s colonial one room at a time. Here you’ll find design tips, DIYs, recipes, insight on child raising, and so much more! Check out my design services page to work together on your next project!

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