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Mantel Decor Inspiration

I have put together the most beautiful inspiration pictures of mantel decor styling!

A white fireplace mantel with a baby blue ottoman in front of the fireplace.   There is a clear glass vase with a branch and green leaves on it.

I don’t know about you, but my mantel is constantly changing. Well, so is the rest of my house. I get bored with a look and love to shake things up. (Check out one of my most recent shakeups here…Modern Farmhouse meets boho with a twist in my master bedroom refresh). My fireplace mantel is no exception from this charade. My house was built in the 1700s and has no less then 6 fireplaces. It can be a little much at times considering all the upkeep of a fireplace, but the plus side is that there are lots of fireplaces to decorate and endless creative outlets. Sometimes this task can seem dauntless and styling direction can be tricky…

During the seasons and holidays, you at least have some direction to go in when styling your mantel.. pumpkins, evergreen garland, stockings etc. But in-between seasons there are so many more choices and directions to go in that it can feel overwhelming! Well, I’ve selected some drool-worthy mantel decor inspiration pictures to get you off on the right foot. Their mantels are proportionately balanced, layered to add dimension, and with the most beautiful color combos. These gorgeous mantels are perfectly styled to fit all those in-between seasons.

Scroll on to see some of the most drool-worthy inspiration pictures that will surely inspire you to get creative when styling your mantel in-between seasons. Click the photo to be directed to it’s source.

I love this white and marble fireplace mantel with a stunning ornate mirror.    Absolutely exquisite!

White and marble fireplace with a French inspired mirror above it, and wall sconces flanking the mirror.

The stunning look of the wood and white mantel together has that homespun charm that I adore!

A wooden and white fireplace with a chalkboard framed and a graphic on it.   There is a wicker basket in the fireplace.

This black fireplace mantel is classic looking and the gold wall sconces finish the look perfectly!

A black fireplace with gold sconces flanking it.  There are two white armchairs on either side with throw pillows on them.   A cow hide rug is in front with a white ottoman.

What I loved the most about this look is the blending of the gray and white with rustic details.    Creates a very cozy homey feel!

A grey and white mantel with armchairs flanking the fireplace.   There is a wood beamed ceiling.

A fireplace mantel doesn’t always have to be full on, the minimalist effect is just as stunning such as this simple vignette of framed pictures.

A white minimalist fireplace with pictures on the mantel.

The simplicity of these vases with flowers and the black framed picture on the mantel is simply elegant!

A lit fire is in the fireplace, there are vases filled with flowers and greenery and a black and white picture sits on the mantel.

This bold choice of nature pictures works perfectly on the mantel!

A fireplace mantel in white with large pictures of leaves that have a brown frame around them sit on top of the mantel.

I do love a good framed quote, and this one on the mantel speaks to me!  Flanked by candles it creates a beautiful ambiance!

A stone and white mantel with a framed graphic quote on top of the mantel.

A lovely look of wood and white together with this stunning artwork above the mantel.    Mixed in are some books and a candle, just a complete statement look.

White and wood mantel with logs in the fireplace.   There are candles, vases and books on top of the mantel.

…and If you’re totally lost and need more direction, contact me HERE. I can help you! I specialize in E-Design and can help you achieve exactly what you’re looking for!

Thanks for reading along!

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