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10 Rustic Farmhouse Wreaths For Your Front Door

One of my favorite ways to decorate walls and especially my front doors is with rustic farmhouse wreaths. You probably associate them with the holiday season, but there are so many ideas that work for every season! Here, I’ll show you ten rustic ways to decorate your front door with farmhouse wreaths.

 Wreaths are the perfect decoration to fit in with the farmhouse style, and it gives me the freedom to welcome my guests in a fun way that introduces the style of my house. I’ve found some beautiful wreaths that work all year long on Etsy, but there are also fun DIY ideas that you can make to fit your home’s personality!  Here are some of my favorite wreath ideas: 

1 Classic Boxwood 

The boxwood wreath is the one most commonly found wreaths during the holiday season. It is full of greenery and brings new life and bright colors to your front door! I really liked this idea of personalizing the boxwood wreath with a patterned bow. This gives that perfect farmhouse vibe, while also giving you the freedom to add your own personal touch to it! 

2. Lambs Ear Wreath 

rustic farmhouse wreath

Lambs Ear Wreath

The lamb’s ear leaf gives a different style to greenery wreaths. Its different shape adds a new dimension. The paler green gives more of a modern look if that’s what you’re looking for! This idea sticks with the patterned bow theme, and I also love the greeting on there too! It has its own unique flair that immediately welcomes guests. 

3. Rustic Wreaths

This fun rustic idea for a wreath is available on Etsy with the wreath! This is such a cute idea for a wreath, and it might spark an idea for you to use an unconventional tool to make a wreath! 

4. Burlap Bow Wreath

I love using burlap because I think the earthy tones that work with it are just perfect for the farmhouse style. This idea using burlap has a unique texture, and is the perfect example of a summer-themed wreath! 

5. Lavender and Eucalyptus Wreath 

Using eucalyptus leaves gives a natural theme and introduction to your home. The leaves themselves make their own texture and design that is hard to beat! This example has a touch of color with the lavender and wooden beads, that fit together effortlessly yet perfectly! 

6. Grapevine Wreath

A grapevine wreath has exposed wood and sticks woven together that give earthy tones that work for every season! It is probably the second most popular idea you’ve seen on Pinterest because it is so versatile! I love these hydrangeas that give dimension colors that give calm welcoming vibes.

7. Hoop Wreath 

One of my favorite and simple ideas for a wreath is a hoop wreath. Its asymmetrical style is eye-catching and off-beat from the other wreaths that have greenery all the way around. I also choose an example with the wooden beads because I think it fits well with a rustic and earthy theme. 

8. Monogram Wreath 

This one is more of an add-on idea for any wreath you choose! You can add more personalization to your wreath with a monogram letter of your household’s last name! This example has more of a modern theme but there are other letter designs that you could make uniquely yours! 

9. Embroidery Hoop Wreath 

This is such a cute DIY idea! The base of it is an embroidery hoop and fabric of your choice! It stands out from other wreaths while still keeping in the farmhouse theme. This idea also gives you a lot of freedom to decide which greenery and fabric patterns fit your style. 

10. Letter Shape Wreath

If you want a  step up from a monogram wreath, a shaped wreath is what you might be looking for! There are DIY options and different letter wreaths you can buy, or there are other designs like an ampersand. I love these because they are a different shape than any other of these options, and the mossy texture has an earthy and homey feel to it! 

With any of these options, you can make them for a location indoors or outdoors, and you can always add your own personal flare! 

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