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Outdoor Patio: 5 Easy Steps to Up Your Patio Game

It’s the season for outdoor patio spaces. Here I’m sharing 5 easy steps to up your patio game.

Its summertime! This means it’s time to take advantage of the nice weather and spend as much time as possible outside! For me, it means sprucing up my outdoor patio. This year I wanted to take my patio up a notch.

Revamping my outdoor patio is the perfect summer DIY project, and it can really be budget friendly! I have a few tips that helped me redesign my patio, and maybe they can help you! These tips are very versatile for anyone’s personal style, and you can adapt them the way you see fit so that it works with your home’s deck or patio structure and vibe! 

Step 1: Add an area rug to define your patio area

I think rugs are the perfect way to define an area, it becomes the foundation of the style and themes of the area. Outdoor patio flooring may be overlooked, but you’ll be amazed at how much just a simple solid-colored rug can make a difference! You can also have fun shopping for patterned rugs that work with your style! There are outdoor rugs that are weather resistant so they last longer and you don’t have to worry about leaving them outside! 

Step 2: Set up outdoor furniture to encourage conversations

With whatever type of outdoor patio furniture you choose to use, make sure they can all easily face each other for conversation! You can get a few patio chairs with ottomans to face each other, making it a comfortable and relaxing place to chat with friends!

Another way to encourage conversation with furniture is to get a table that is easy to gather around, like a circular table. This seating area doesn’t block anyone out of the group and lets your guests converse together! 

Q&A: How can I make my patio more inviting?

Furniture is a great way to make your outdoor patio more inviting! Getting comfortable chairs and cushions invite your guests to sit and relax on your patio. When the furniture is placed in a way that encourages conversation, it really makes it welcoming! 

I think plants are a perfect way to decorate an outdoor patio. If your landscape allows it, you could plant a garden next to the patio, or have a garden path leading up to it! If you are unable to have a garden, you can also have potted plants that liven up the place with beautiful greenery.

You can pick plants with vibrant colors to match your theme and ones that butterflies and birds like to invite the creatures nearby, and make it inviting to guests!

Step 3: Add a pop of color to your patio with different textures 

Pillows and blankets don’t have to be exclusive to the living room inside, I think they are perfect to have for an outdoor patio too! You can add different textures and varieties with the pillows on chairs, and different blankets to make the place comfortable. The blankets would be perfect for hanging out on the patio at night to stay warm and protect from bug bites. 

You can incorporate different pops of color in many other ways too! If you want to add potted plants, you can pick out pots that fit in your color scheme, or that have different textures that add something new to space! 

Q&A: How do I make my patio feel cozy?

Pillows and blankets are always the way to go for coziness, but there are a few other ways to make an outdoor patio a bit cozier. I think adding some subtle noise to a patio adds a level of comfort. This could be done with a water feature like a small fountain, or you could add a birdbath with a running fountain.

Another way to add some gentle noise is with a windchime! Adding some noise can help distract from any nearby noise like a highway. It can also fill in if there are gaps in the conversation. 

I think another good way to add coziness is with outdoor lighting! You can get string lights to hang up around your patio and even a fire pit! String lights are calmer than a backyard light, and a fire pit provides some warmth and s’more capabilities! You could also add some candles to add to the coziness, and even get citronella ones to protect from bugs at night!  

Step 4: Add artwork to scale up your outdoor space

Nothing really adds personalization to a space like some artwork! You can add some artwork up on your house’s side, or add some homemade garden decorations that can go in your potted plants. You could also showcase some art on an easel in the corner! 

Step 5: Add a drink cart to your patio for easy entertaining

The goal for a redecorated outdoor living space is to make the outdoor space just as comfortable as inside your house! So why not add a bit of indoors outside? Have a little drink cart to make it easy to access and entertain guests! If you have the room, you could add a mini-fridge for drinks and snacks, or even expand to have an outdoor kitchen! There are many ways to make the space feel a bit homier one step at a time! 

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