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Small Budget Bathroom Renovation

I recently put together a small budget bathroom remodel and even with the budget constraints it turned out pretty amazing!

Are you ready for my small budget bathroom reveal? I can not wait to show you! We’ve been working hard for the last few months in our spare time and are thrilled with the outcome!

We’ve bought a few things and really tried to use what we already had.

But we did it! We created a big-budget look with a  pretty small budget. Everything will be linked at the bottom.

To start our small budget bathroom reno we peeled up the tile

We peeled up the old peel and stick tile and surprisingly laid down new peel and stick tile. We just took it up a notch by purchasing faux wood tiles and laying them down in a classic herringbone pattern.

Check it out here! Then we grouted. Did you know you can grout peel and stick tile? Then sealed it to try and protect it from water.

Next, we painted the bathroom vanity

Painting the bathroom vanity was pretty simple. I used paint that I already had called little black dress by Behr paint. And oddly enough it has more blue undertones than black.

I mixed up a chalk paint recipe and then sealed the vanity with a polycrylic. Next, I updated the hardware… this really helped to give this vanity a polished look.

Then, we updated the bathroom mirror and light fixture

Updating the mirror and light fixture is such an easy way to give any look an upgrade. Light fixtures can be pretty inexpensive and so can mirrors! Both of mine are from Amazon! I feel like updating these two things really helped this outdated bathroom turn into the modern-boho vibe I was going for.

Lastly, we put on the finishing touches on our small budget bathroom renovation.

I have to be honest… Installing all of the finishing touches was probably the most exciting part of the whole renovation.

We put up new brass towel hooks, a shower curtain, plant hangers, toilet paper holder, a shelf, and new blinds! These bathroom decor items really brought the whole look home, and made it cohesive.

Check out our finished project below

Small Budget bathroom Big impact!

Our small budget bathroom renovation certainly has made a big impact! We spent around $300 total to update the tile, add a new mirror and light fixture, update the hardware, and add some finishing touches.

I’d say that all in all I would 100% do this all over again. We got so much bang for our buck! I cant wait to start on our other bathrooms.

Red bathroom rug, blue vanity and gold bathroom fixtures in the bathroom.

Blue and white shower curtain and towels, with three pictures on the wall and a wicker clothing hamper underneath the towel rack.

There is a basket filled with a plant on the bathroom counter.

Want to shop this look?!

As always pals – Thanks for reading along!

Much love,

Kori ~ from the farmhouse life

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