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10 Mantel Decor Ideas For Summer

Looking for mantel decor ideas this Summer? I’ve gathered my top ten favorite ways to decorate your mantel thats sure to leave you inspired!

If you have a fireplace mantle, you might also understand the fun that comes with redecorating it every season! The fireplace is already the focal point of the room, so I just find it fun to see how much I can touch it up and amplify the mantel!

For fall, winter, and even spring and summer decorations, it’s easier to figure out what to do. Usually, stores have decorative displays that give me ideas, and there is usually a holiday theme I can stick to. 

When it comes to summer decoration, it’s more difficult to pick out seasonal decor. There is the 4th of July during the summer, but sometimes I want something different, or other times it doesn’t fit my decor style.

That’s when I go to Pinterest. Pinterest has so many decorating ideas, and I love to use it as a resource to decorate my summer fireplace. If you also are struggling with figuring out what to do for your fireplace mantel, here are my top picks! 

1. Sunflower Theme 

Sunflowers are a staple for summertime decorations! The bright yellow opens the room up, and it’s easy to find fake ones at the craft store! 

2. Simple Fourth of July

I know I said that sometimes I don’t want to go with the fourth of July theme, but I think this one is just so fitting! The muted tones of the flag emphasized the farmhouse style, and the plants give it a pop of green!   

3. Vibrant Fourth of July

If you are looking for a fourth of July theme with a bit more saturation, this idea might be for you! The framed text is an eye-catching piece that draws your eye so that you notice more, like the red, white, and blue books! 

4. Fruit Theme 

Lemons are a perfect bright color with some greenery, that gives the perfect summer vibe. This example executes the theme perfectly with the pictures, actual lemon garland, and even a lemon pillow! You could pick out a theme like that, maybe a different type of fruit, that you could carry out with different types of decorations! 

5. Simple Floral  

You can always keep things minimal with a simple summer mantel! This example uses a mirror as its main piece, which makes it easy to work around with any other decoration.

6. Lush Greenery 

One way to give off those summer vibes is by playing up the greenery! In this example, it is done with a hoop wreath and green vines that drape down the mantel. You can also carry out your them throughout the house with a dining table centerpiece as seen here! 

7. Rustic Mantel 

Mantel decor ideas
Rustic Mantel 

If your house has a rustic farmhouse style, summer is prime time to play up the theme! Summer is the time for gardening and enjoying nature, so you can keep with rustic themes like birdcages and houses, watering pots, and lanterns. 

8. Summer Shops 

This picture shows how stone fireplaces can be perfectly showcased! Themes like a flower shop or strawberry picking are perfect for summer!  This example stuck to more neutral tones to fit with the stone, and I also appreciate the blanket basket that adds another layer of coziness! 

9. Jars and Vases

Usually, you see jars and vases being used to hold different flowers or other decorations. This idea shows how the vases are decorations by themselves! 

10. Clock Centerpiece

living room with dark fireplace wall and clock styled on mantel

Clocks may be the perfect asset to your mantel decorating! This is a perfect rustic example of a clock on a mantel! It fills up space a simple yet eye-catching piece, that doesn’t need to say a phrase to catch someone’s attention! 

I hope some of these mantel ideas sparked some inspiration for your summer mantel decorations! There are plenty of ideas out there that may fit your style better, or you may find the right tweaks to make these ideas your perfect fireplace makeover! 

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