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Bohemian Girls Room reveal and how-to

I have finally finished redecorating and designing my daughter’s bedroom into a bohemian girls room dream! Here, I’m answering your boho questions, giving you a how-to, and revealing my finished design.

I am going for a bohemian theme for my bedrooms, and you can check out my blog to see how I did a bohemian transformation on my bedroom. I am beyond excited about how this bedroom turned out, and I am excited to show you! The tour of her bedroom is coming up, but I’ll answer some of your questions along the way! 

What Defines Bohemian style?

The Bohemian style is all about being unique, artistic, and whimsical. It prioritizes comfort and personalization over everything else! The traditional boho style is warm and earthy toned, uses plenty of fabric textures, and has an overall comforting and welcoming feel! 

Is Bohemian Out of Style?

I don’t think the bohemian theme can ever go out of style. The main aspect of the theme is uniqueness and personalization. This idea has made the bohemian theme evolve in so many ways! There are so many ways you can take bohemian styles. 

You can make it more modern with black and white decorations, you can go more vintage and use pastels and different textures.  There is really no wrong way to have that boho vibe, which makes it immortal in a sense! 

Here is an example of a more modern bohemian style 

Or a vintage bohemian style 

How Can I Make My Room More Bohemian?

To make your bedroom designs more bohemian, you have to look at the biggest focal points of your room and build off of that. Your bed and your walls are the biggest deciding factors for what theme can be built off of them. One way to make an easy base to build off of is to have white or solid color walls and a comforter or duvet cover. 

A solid color is easy to mix and match with. You could do an accent wall where there is a patterned wallpaper, or you can add artwork and a tapestry to the wall! You can also add a fluffy blanket and different patterned and textured pillows to your bed to add to the look. 

Real wooden furniture is a great asset to use for a bohemian theme because they have such a natural look. Upholstered chairs bring a new fabric texture, and layering area rugs is a common practice for those that have bohemian rooms! 

What Are Boho Colors?

The most common boho colors are reds, browns, and dark oranges. These colors work with the wooden look I mentioned and the earthy tones are comforting. But, you can make any colors boho colors. I think the boho chic design is less about the colors and more about how you mix and match patterns to match the bohemian vibes. 

Here’s an array of color pallets that I found to show you just how adaptive this theme can be! 

Cool Tones Vs. Warm Tones Vs. Vibrant Tones 

How Do You Create a Boho Room On a Budget?

I don’t think decorating a bohemian bedroom has to be super expensive and hard to attain. The point of the style is to be unique and different, which means you could really get inspiration and decorations from anywhere! 

To add to the artistic theme you can make your own art! You can upcycle furniture and home decor you already have, and take advantage of the design themes you have throughout your house and living room! Finding decorations and furniture at goodwill, craft sales, and other thrift stores is perfect because you might not be able to find something like that anywhere else! 

Where Can I Buy Cute Boho Decor?

You can always get bohemian style decor from craft sales and thrift stores, or even make them yourself if you are on a budget. If you are looking for new products, Target usually has bohemian-themed furniture, wall hangings, and bedding. I also like to browse Wayfair and craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels! 

What Does a Boho Bedroom Look Like?

The examples I showed above really captured the usual vibes of a boho bedroom. The beds usually have blankets and pillows pilled on to look cozy, There are some plants and statement wall hangings, and the bed is the main focal point of the room!

Bedroom Reveal

Now it’s time to reveal my daughters bohemian room! I went for a more modern kids bedroom look, and choose a warm-toned color pallet with oranges and pinks that I think worked well for bohemian girls room decor! 

I built off of my color palette’s theme with the white bedding, accent pillows, and blankets! Then, picked a dark orange as the main solid color on the wall, and used this cute orange patterned wallpaper for the accent wall! I used lighter-colored wall hangings to contrast the dark orange! 

Next, I went with white furniture to let the mixed patterns stand out. I love that this desk has such unique shelves. My favorite piece in this room, that I think takes the cake is the hanging chair! 

I’ll finish this blog off with some final pictures of this newly decorated bedroom. I hope I answered your questions sufficiently enough so you can go forth and use the inspiration to make your kids’ rooms your unique style of bohemian! 

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Kori ~ From The Farmhouse Life

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