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Are black windows in or out in 2022

Black windows are in right now and I love the ones I chose for my house! If you have a new build or you’re renovating a timeless farmhouse like mine, modern black windows are a classic way to freshen up your exterior and up your energy efficiency!

I’ve had tons of interest in my windows, so today I’m answering some of your most-asked questions! I love sharing my favorite finds, and this is hands-down one of the choices that had the biggest effect on my home’s look, both inside and out.

The contrasting black and whites give a dramatic effect and work with lots of different decor looks.

Do black windows cost more?

Yes, black windows can cost more, at least right now, because they’re so popular. Supply and demand are driving up prices on tons of items right now, in decor and construction.

Black frames will cost you on average 10% to 20% more than white windows. If you want to wait, they might go down in price. If you are buying right now, take some time to shop around and find the best price.

Iron-clad black windows will also cost more than vinyl, so part of the increased cost can come inexpensive metal windows if you go that route.

Are black windows going out of style?

No, if anything, they’re getting way more popular! Black windows started out as a trend that came from greenhouses and older style metal windows, and they’ve been going strong.

Windows come in lots of colors and styles. Black windows are probably so popular now because you can count on the classic looks to remain neutral to visitors and buyers if you want to sell one day.

They also won’t look outdated if you are looking to stay in your home long-term.  

What are black framed windows called?

Modern black windows are what I call those black-framed windows we see everywhere now. It makes a lot of sense that so many people love them.

Black is a timeless color that goes well with everything. White is similar, but where white can become drab or off-color, black can better maintain its crispness. 

Why are black framed windows more expensive?

We talked a little about this question, but I wanted to add in some detail about what specifically causes price differences in windows.

If your favorite black framed windows are fiberglass, expect to pay at least $100 to $300 more per window, compared with vinyl, and a premium amount for the best brand names.

New wood windows are at the top of the price range. Full-frame installation costs more than pocket installation because you need to replace everything, the window, window sill, and trim work.

Pocket installation is only placing a new window in the old frame. This is going to add more cost to your project, so budget for it upfront.

Also, find a quality contractor, because going too cheap here could lead to bigger energy bills down the road.

Are black windows black on the inside?

Window color can vary, so some windows will be black on the inside and outside, while other windows will have different colors or materials used on the outside and inside.

The classic farmhouse look we see with modern black windows is black on the inside and the outside, so you have that streamlined, sleek effect.

It depends on how you choose to install your window frames, and what you think is best for your home design! 

Are black window frames timeless?

Yes, it is very true that black window frames are timeless, just as black used tastefully in any home decor is so timeless! I painted my staircase all black and I love it!

When you choose black window frames, you’re signing up for a look that will still be attractive and attention-getting for the lifespan of the windows.

With such a big investment, you don’t want a look that’s going to get old after a year or two, for your tastes, or look dated to everybody else too.

Can white windows turn black?

It is possible to turn your white window frames black. If you are looking to do so, I would choose a good exterior black paint. You can easily paint your older windows, especially if they

are wood. If you want black vinyl windows, you can paint the vinyl, but it will take numerous steps to sand the vinyl (paint does not adhere well to vinyl), prime it, and then paint.

However, note if you have a warranty on your windows. f you have an active warranty, it may be voided by painting the windows. If you are meticulous, though, you can have some classic black windows.

If your windows are nearing the end of their life, you might want to take the chance to invest in new ones. This will save time and some cost.

Can I paint my exterior windows black?

Absolutely, just like with the last question, painting the exterior of your windows is a great option, especially when you’re looking for a better way to have cheap black windows.

Find a high-quality primer and also a high-quality paint. On vinyl, look for exterior gloss paint that is rated for vinyl and also exterior uses.

For wood, you will have more options, but choose a premium exterior gloss paint in acrylic or oil. You want your paint to be able to handle the weather outside, without cracking or peeling.

You also want to scrub everything well before starting your project. 

How do I make old windows look new?

This is a great question because you don’t always need new windows or a full revamp of your paint to freshen up your look.

Once a year, you can winterize youre house, from checking insulation and cleaning the gutters, to a full wash down of the house and windows.

You would be amazed at how fresh your windows will look with a little soap and water. 

If you still have windows that are looking a little drab, the next step is considering repainting them, so you have modern black windows.

If you can find cheap black windows that are also energy-efficient, that can be a good choice for you too.

Can you paint plastic window frames black?

Modern plastic window frames are made out of a universal material called uPVC. PVC has become a more popular window frame choice because it’s cheap, doesn’t rot, flake or peel, and isn’t affected by weathering.

Painting this type of window isn’t simple, but you can do it. Cleaning, sanding, priming, and spray painting are suggested, but do your research first, to decide if you want to tackle this project or choose a professional to help.

Why I love black windows

You have probably guessed it throughout this blog post, but I really do love black windows!

Throughout reading if black windows are timeless and if you can paint them, you have probably caught on to some of my top reasons why I love them. I want to highlight some of my reasons though, like:

They’re eye-catching

I love that black windows really make your house stand out! Most houses have normal white windows, and even just the subtle change of black windows makes the whole house stand out more!

It really changes the entire look of the house and increases a house’s curb appeal. 

No need for window treatments

Though white windows are cheaper and have their perks, they do take a lot of up-keep. You have to have sufficient window treatments and winterization for white windows because they can so easily show wear and tear.

But with black windows, while you still have to take proper care of them, they do not need such extensive treatments to make sure they stand the test of time. 

Plays well with white

I love some good contrasting colors! And black is the perfect way to bring some contrasting white! It gives a nice clean look, and is eyecatching!

You can use this contrast inside and outside the home with black windows. Modern black windows really take a home’s design to the next level! 

Interior decorating with black

Along with upgrading a home’s design, you can lean into the contrasting look of black windows by adding black interior decorations!

That’s what I’ve done! I’ve added just a few black elements to my home decor to tie into my black windows, and I love the way it turned out! 

Dark window frames create a modern look

I also love black windows because of how quickly they modernize a home design! Window frames seem like a small adjustment, and white ones usually seem to go unnoticed.

But as soon as you darken your window frames, it modernizes almost everything around them! 

Black window frames are timeless.

Finally, the biggest reason why I like modern black windows is that they are timeless. Design-wise, they are very modern and it will take many, many years to see the day where they look outdated.

Besides the design, they last longer and look timeless! With black window frames, it’s harder to see how they are affected by aging. They can look new for longer, and the style will never look old! 

Thanks fir reading along!

Talk soon,


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