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The cordless Bissell Crosswave Max – a year after review

Alright, it’s finally that time! I have had the Bissell Crosswave Max for about a year now, and I am ready to give another review.

You may have seen my initial review answering if the Bissell Crosswave is worth the splurge. This cordless vacuum still runs at about $370-$400, and if you’re anything like me, it can be hard to decide if it’s worth it! 

Well, once I purchased the Bissell Crosswave last year, I quickly found out the answer – Yes! I discussed last year how the Crosswave worked beautifully on my floors and really made it easy to freshen up my space.

I’ll admit, $400 is a lot to spend on a vacuum, but it was definitely worth saving money for! 

My first post went through my initial pros and cons of the Bissell Crosswave, and why I chose to buy it then. But as with every new household gadget, you get to know its quirks by using it for a while.

If you’ve deliberated on the Bissel Croswave Max for some time too, continue reading ford more of my review! 

My Bissell Crosswave Cordless Max Reviews 2020

Last year, I was getting my bearings on everything the Bissell Crosswave Max had to offer. I found out that it works amazingly well on both hardwood and carpeted floors, and pretty much checked all of my boxes!

Some of the key features of the Bissell Crosswave Vacuum include: 

  • Completely cordless 
  • A motorized floor brush for a powerful cleanup 
  • A Rotating Brush System
  • A Dirt Cup Capacity of 18.6 Ounces 
  • A clean Tank Capacity of 28 Ounces 
  • 11.5 Pounds

As soon as I started using the Crosswave, I found out what a time saver it would be. I didn’t have to switch between using a vacuum and then getting out my mop to get my floors cleaned!

I could even quickly mop my carpet. It saved a ton of closet space by not having to keep both my vacuum and mop easily accessible.

The Crosswave also made it super easy to give my carpet a quick freshening up. As I said in my first blog, it does not completely replace shampooing your carpet.

I still have to schedule out time to make sure that my carpet gets a thorough deep cleaning. However, the Crosswave Max is a close second if you don’t have the chance to go through the work of shampooing.

Now that I have used the Bissell Crosswave Max for a year, I have used both its vacuuming and mopping features multiple times, and it has made many trips around my home! Stick around if you wanna hear my thoughts in 2021. 

My Bissell Crosswave Cordless Max Reviews 2021

Having a year with this Bissell vacuum has given me some new opinions on how well this vacuum performs. This year has also solidified some of the opinions I had when I first got the Crosswave.

If you were worried that the love for the Bissell Crosswave Max was because of the honeymoon phase, worry no more! I always give an objective thorough review because I want to help you decide what’s best for you!

 Now, I have experienced the vacuum more and expanded my thoughts.  Most of my pros have stayed the same, but I have had more time to figure out what exactly I like about the Crosswave.

I have also found that some aspects of the vacuum that have gotten more frustrating over time, but I will get into thoughts when I talk about cons! 

Pros of the Bissel Crosswave Max 

The Bissel Crosswave has so many pros to it! It’s hard to pick some of the best parts of it, but I compiled a list of my top 4 favorite features this Bissel vacuum has to offer!

Some of my favorite parts include its two-in-one design, its self-cleaning feature, and of course, its carelessness. If you are looking to be talked into buying this vacuum, keep reading. 

Pro #1 – It has a smart design

The Bissell Crosswave Cordless Max is both a vacuum cleaner and a mop, which at first glance may seem hard to navigate, but it’s not!

It actually has a genius design to make cleaning both surfaces easy. The Bissell Croswave’s dirty water tank has a filter, so when you’re mopping, you don’t have to worry about sucking up any big pieces of debris. 

This dirty water tank filter is also a massive time saver. It means that you don’t have to vacuum before you mop! For the past year, cleaning and mopping my kitchen floors could be done in one task!

When I’m done mopping any hardwood floor, I can take out the filter, dump the dirt out in the garbage, and dump the dirty mop water in the sink.

Gone are my days of sweeping and vacuuming, only to never get to actually mopping my floors. Now that I can do it all at once, my house stays clean and I save some time! 

 Pro #2 – It’s self-cleaning

This is one pro that I had on the original review, but it is worth mentioning again. When I first got the Bissell Crosswave Cordless Max, I was still learning how to use the self-cleaning function.

Let me tell you when you get in the habit of using the function, it becomes an even bigger pro! 

The Bissell Crosswave Max is very powerful, and it picks up a lot from my floors! This makes the dirty water from the vacuum very dark and can get grime in my vacuum.

Pro #3 – It’s easy to take care of

If the self-cleaning feature wasn’t enough, the Bissel Crosswave Max has more to make it even more low maintenance.

It has WiFi connectivity, which means that it connects directly to the app on my phone! The App tells me everything I need to know about my Crosswave Bissell Vacuum.

I can see details about its performance and condition, and even if there is a faulty part that needs replacement.

 This way, if something is wrong with it and it stops working,  I don’t have to do guesswork and worry that my $400 vacuum is broken!

The app just tells me what it needs, and I don’t have to worry about how much it costs to fix or replace the Crosswave! 

Getting an expensive vacuum can be nerve-wracking, but this feature makes me even more confident in the Bissell Crosswave! 

Pro #4 – I can use it anywhere

So, I’ve raved a lot about how I can bring it to any hardwood or carpet floor in my home, but this vacuum also swivels so smoothly!

It was literally made to get those hard-to-reach corners.  I also don’t have to deal with any cords. The keyword in Bissell Crosswave Cordless Max is Cordless!

I don’t have to worry about finding the right outlet, having enough cord length, or getting tangled up in a vacuum cord. You don’t really realize how much time a cord takes until I don’t have to worry about it for a year! 

Cons of the Bissel Crosswave Max 

Those pros are what talked me into buying the Crosswave, and its consistency hasn’t made me regret it! However, I can’t forget some of the downsides and difficulties of using the Crosswave.

Every rose has its thorn, and I do have three cons you might want to keep in mind as you make your decision!

Con #1 – The short battery life

The first con of the Bissel Crosswave Max is one that I have been worried about since the beginning. I talked about the battery life in my first blog, and I will say, it takes a lot to get used to.

The Bissell Crosswave Max has a charging time of four hours, and it runs for 30 minutes. This short run time requires me to clean my house in two parts.

It also means that I have to wait four hours between cleaning one part of my house and cleaning the other part. This

makes me have to plan a bit more strategically, and it was an adjustment from being used to a corded vacuum! 

Con #2 – Mopping keeps the floors pretty damp 

Even though being able to clean my wooden floors in one go is such a time saver, it does have one downside. After I mop with the Bissell Crosswave, my wooden floors stay damp for quite some time.

It is tempting to pull out the Crosswave and get the mopping done because it really is easy, but I have to plan before I mop.

Though it is faster, I still have to plan my mopping times and block out the rooms that I used the Bissel Crosswave mop for. That way can make sure the clean floor doesn’t get dirtied before it dries! 

Con #3 – It does get pretty heavy 

Something I’ve had to get used to with the (Affiliate link) Bissell crosswave is its weight. It’s 11.5 pounds does give me a bit of an arm workout by the time I’m done cleaning my floors.

It takes some muscle to care it from room to room and upstairs, which kind of hinders the beauty of how portable the vacuum is.

I’ve noticed the weight mostly on stairs, as I try to vacuum each step and bring it to multiple levels of my house! It also takes a bit more strength to maneuver around things like furniture.

If you are looking for something light, the Bissel Crosswave may not be best, but it depends on how much you prioritize a cordless vacuum! 

Verdict: It definitely is still worth it! 

Though more cons have popped up in the past year, I still fell in love with the Bissell Crosswave Max! Its convenience and two-in-one feature, with how easy it is to take care of – it’s hard to pass up!

You don’t really realize how might maintenance other vacuums are until you get something like the Crosswave! 

Though I do have to manage the short battery life, plan out my cleaning days more strategically, and get an arm workout more often, every pro makes up for it!

This Bissell has become my go-to when something spills on the floor. I don’t scramble for a paper towel roll, I can just go to the closet and get the Bissell! It makes clean-up so much easier, and I am always confident that the vacuum is working well. 

If you are looking into getting this vacuum, I’d say keep some of the cons in mind, but it is still worth saving up for!

If you are looking for a cordless vacuum that keeps both hardwood and carpeted floors sufficiently clean, the Bissell Crosswave Max is for you! 

Take a look at my Bissell Crosswav Max to review from 2020 if you want to hear more of my thoughts! I give more of a walk-through on how the self-cleaning on the vacuum works, and some of the initial reactions you can expect when you first get the vacuum! 

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  1. I have had a problem with a couple of these in that if you suck up anything it will trigger the full tank sensor and doesn’t work anymore. I spend more time cleaning the vac than I do cleaning my floors. A single hair has set off the sensor it is crazy.

  2. Just had the battery fail on my Crosswave Max. Phoned Bessel and found it was still under warranty (3 years). Also told the machine should not fail because of the battery and this issue is rare! Replacement takes 10 business days, could be an issue for some. Me, I’m pleased it’s under warranty and being replaced!

  3. I will be buying a Crosswave soon! Sounds like just the product for me! I’m in a wheelchair and need the Crosswave’s special qualities to clean the tile floors throughout my home. What I want to know is can we get an extra battery to charge up? If I need moretime to get the job done it will be ready and waiting to pop into the machine!

  4. I will be buying a Crosswave soon! Sounds like just the product for me! I’m in a wheelchair and need the Crosswave’s special qualities to let me be able to clean the tile floors throughout my home. What I want to know is can we get an extra battery to charge up? If I need more time to get the job done it will be ready and waiting to pop into the machine!

  5. I received aBissell cross wave cordless for Christmas and don’t have a sales slip. Then I needed
    Service and they said I had to have the sales slip. Now what?

  6. I’m still using my Bissell Crosswave Max a year after my original review. It’s still going strong and I love it!

    I highly recommend this vacuum cleaner!

  7. I’m still using my Bissell Crosswave Max a year after my original review. It’s still going strong and I love it!

    I highly recommend this vacuum cleaner!

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