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Are blanket ladders out in 2022

The year 2022 is roaring in with a blast of wind and snow, the perfect time for cozy fires and winter decor. A blanket ladder is a great way to hang warm blankets in the winter and then switch up your decor for each new season. Even better, you can move it around from one spot to another, or room to room, to create a unique new look regularly.

Today, I’ll answer a few of your best questions about blanket ladders and how you can incorporate them into your home! When you have a blank space that seems empty and lonely, it’s time to fill it. Happy decorating!

Are blanket ladders functional?

Blanket ladders are not just functional, they’re also stylish! The beauty of a blanket ladder is that it is what you make of it, not just the traditional kind from decades ago. Modern blanket ladders can be any size and are made of any type and shape of wood.

They are functional because they create the perfect storage for numerous items and also decor. If you don’t have a mantle and don’t want to hang shelves on the wall, a more permanent change, then a blanket ladder is the answer. It is also a cheap option for a few decor pieces, such as a blanket and a few art hangings, versus spending a ton building a full bookshelf or cabinet.

What else can you hang on a blanket ladder?

Blanket ladders aren’t made just to hold a blanket, though that was their traditional purpose years ago. Today, consider hanging a plant or basket, along with a small towel, on one. If you are using it for a blanket, consider using a smaller, thinner blanket that coordinates or contrasts with your decor.

How do I stop my blanket ladder from scratching the wall?

One or two quick fixes will keep your blanket ladder from scratching the wall. A great tip is to add a couple of pieces of felt at the top so it doesn’t leave scratches on the wall. To keep your blanket ladder in place, without it moving around, use non-slip furniture pads with a rubber grip on the bottom. They can be cut to size.

How do you display a blanket?

There are multiple ways to display a blanket using a blanket ladder, whether draping it gently over one rung, in a tight pattern, or hanging it loosely. The sky is the limit on creativity here, especially when you spend a little extra time choosing the right blanket. 

The cheapest way to go is to choose a blanket you have in storage or that isn’t often used. If you are going for a specific decor look, however, shopping around for clearance deals is a good way to go.

How do you display a blanket in the bedroom?

This is a great question. First, find the right spot along your wall that has enough clearance on each side of your blanket ladder, so it doesn’t look squished and cluttered. 

At this point, check to see if enough natural light is nearby, to illuminate your decor styling, without intense direct sunlight hitting the blanket, and damaging its surface. Also, make sure it’s not directly in your walkway, as you don’t want to stumble over it on one of those early mornings when you need more sleep!

What is blanket ladder styling?

Are blanket ladders out of style? No, not at all, they’ve been trending for a couple of years now. Blanket ladder styling is much like styling a shelf or a mantle, you can imagine and create anything! Blanket ladder styling is not just sticking whatever you have up there, it’s how you bring your room or a certain part of your room together, with several pieces of decor in one spot.

You don’t have to make a blanket ladder, if you would like to buy a blanket ladder,  Ikea, Pottery Barn, and Target all have great options. There are tons of styles and silhouettes that you can choose from. Follow your own sense of style and budget, and remember that sometimes using two blanket ladders together can make a nice statement piece.

How do you hang blankets on a blanket ladder?

When styling a blanket ladder, it’s important to be sure that the decor is not placed precariously, but will stay where you put it. Fold your blanket so that it is as wide as the step where you want it to go, without bunching up. This will create a neat and decorative look.

What is a quilt ladder?

A quilt or blanket ladder is normally wooden and stands about 48 inches tall. It leans up against a wall, with five rungs used to display blankets and quilts. It can also be used to display other decorative items.

Quilt ladders come in many forms, from using an antique ladder for a blanket rack, to creating your own or buying one right off the shelf. It is up to your budget and time as to how much you have to spend or how much time you want to invest.

How many blankets can you put on a blanket ladder?

Three blankets is usually the maximum number you will be able to fit on a blanket ladder, without crowding it and making it look like a storage shelf. 

When tucked in cozily, three blankets can look like a nice complement to each other. Or, alternately, you can drape one blanket casually on your blanket ladder, along with several other decor items.

Can you put a blanket ladder in the dining room?

A blanket ladder is a great decor addition in just about any room in your house if you have the space. Placing the ladder in your dining room, just beside a buffet or against a far wall, so it doesn’t look sparse and empty, is a great way to enliven the space.

What can you do with a blanket ladder?

Blanket ladders are perfect decor both inside and outside of your home. A blanket ladder makes a nice entryway style detail, right beside your front door. Inside, a blanket ladder makes for nice storage and also a place to hang a hand towel. 

In your living room or an entry hall, consider hanging photographs from your blanket ladder. Intersperse your family and personal photos with decor, to create a balanced look.

Hanging a blanket ladder

When you’re hanging a blanket ladder, using hooks on the wall, remember that this is a more permanent solution that will leave marks on the wall. Take a little extra time, when hanging a blanket ladder, to pick out the perfect place so you’re happy with its location for years to come.

Blanket ladder shelf

If you have looked up some angled blanket ladder plans, you’re already thinking about how you will use your blanket ladder shelf, whether it’s to hang a quilt or for smaller decor. 

Different styles of blanket ladder shelves are available, so keep that in mind, as you consider how to make a blanket ladder. You could make a blanket ladder, sometimes for as little as $10 or less. Lowering costs means you might have some money left over for some cheap but pretty decor.

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