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Backyard Fire Pit Lighting: How To Create An Outdoor Oasis

 Today, I’m going to show you how to add lighting to your backyard fire pit. In just a few steps, you too can upgrade your lighting design for your backyard fire pit! 

Step 1: Add lights on the path leading to your fire pit

A path to your fire pit makes it very easy to access and is a beautiful backyard feature! Adding landscape lighting is also very stunning. You can add ground lanterns along the path, or hanging lanterns to light the way. If you don’t have a distinct path to your fire pit, you can make one! You can find hanging lanterns that stake in the ground or even tiki torches that you can light. 

Can you illuminate a fire pit? 

There are so many ways you can illuminate outdoor fire pits, and it all depends on your personal preferences and style! There are ways to illuminate your fire pit with any budget, and any light fixture that works for you. You can find LED bulbs, use candles or tiki torches (safely!), lighting that uses natural gas, and solar-powered ones! 

There are also options for different lighting fixtures that can work with the arrangement of your fire pit area! There are lanterns and string lights, and/or canned lights that you can hang and place in any way that you’d like! 

I know that all of this is kind of vague, it might be hard to know where to start, but I will go into detail for lighting ideas to make it easier! 

Step 2: Hang patio lights on posts above your fire pit.

While you are designing your fire pit, you might want to consider adding some wooden posts around the area! Put wooden posts in a circle around your firepit so that you can hang string lights from them! You could also look into getting a pergola that can hold string lights.

A pergola would also be a good way to add shade to your backyard! The posts are useful to hold electrical cords to keep the lights powered and safe, or you can find solar-powered outdoor lights for less maintenance. 

Can I hang lights over a fire pit? 

From a safe distance, yes you can! Above I suggested using wooden posts to string lights above the fire pit, but it is important to note the height of the posts and the string lights. Make sure that the wooden posts or pergola used are at a safe distance from the height of the flames in the firepit. 

If the flames touch the light source or the pergola, it can be very dangerous. It is always important to consider fire safely with every addition to your fire pit area! 

Step 3: Add lanterns to side tables with twinkle lights inside

You can design your fire pit area to add side tables and place them strategically for added lighting! You can find lanterns and twinkle lights, and put them together! The twinkle lights are a more subtle light source but they are a great option to add some decoration! 

Step 4: Hang solar-powered lanterns around your fire pit

Solar-powered lights might be the best form of lighting for a fire pit! You don’t have to worry about electricity malfunctions, or turning them on or off! They are also pretty cost-efficient. 

That’s why I think solar-powered lanterns around your firepit are the way to go. You can place them in ways that give optimum lighting, add decoration, and make the area safer! 

How do you put lights on an outdoor tree? 

I can’t forget one of the best ways to make the firepit area a bit more magical! Use the nature around the firepit to your advantage and add some lighting to the trees. The best and cutest way I found to do this is wrapping fairy lights around the trees! If they are LED or solar-powered, they are safe for the trees and add a touch of whimsy to the area! 

Step 5: Light citronella candles to end tables 

The last step to adding fire pit lighting is to make it just a bit more comfortable! Citronella candles add lighting and repel bugs! You can find some cute ones that fit with your style, and repel mosquitoes so that your next get-together is bite-free and you can enjoy outdoor living! 

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  1. I have just decided to try designing a backyard oasis. This gave me some excellent ideas! Thank you!

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