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DIY Fresh Christmas Wreaths!

I am sharing with you my tutorial for a DIY Christmas wreath that looks fresh with farmhouse simplicity!

Another day, another craft here at the farmhouse life, and today we’re making fresh DIY Christmas wreaths!  I absolutely love decorating for the Christmas holiday, but the budget can quickly get out of control! Especially considering all the gift-buying this holiday season, it’s nice to be able to cut some costs and make your own wreaths for your doors, windows, and mantels.

Supplies For The Christmas Wreath

For this DIY wreath making tutorial, you’ll need a pair of floral sheers, some floral wire, and some hoops. You’ll also need fresh greenery! To hang the wreaths you’ll need ribbon, a hammer, and small nails.


When choosing greenery for hanging wreaths I prefer white pine. I love the way it hangs from the hoops and when the needles eventually dry out they don’t fall and shed as smaller needles will do.

You can certainly use the boughs from your Christmas tree, but remember that they won’t last quite as long. And they will shed a lot!

To start: cut your greens to size:

With white pine, there are several bunches of greenery on each branch. I like to start by cutting off all the greenery and then bunching them up in my hand by the stems. Then I’ll place them on the hoop.

Wrap Your Wire

Next, wrap your wire around the greenery’s stems and the hoop to secure it. Make sure not to trim the wire after a couple of loops. It’s important to keep your wire attached to the holder until the very end. This makes the process go much faster.

Layer And Wrap

Finally, just layer and wrap your bunches on top of the branches of the previous bundle. This process goes quite quickly.

You’ll notice your wreath starting to fill out. Try and keep the same size bundles of greenery throughout to make sure your wreath balances out evenly at the end. This process is very similar to the DIY Garland making we did last week… check it out if you missed it!

Hang Your Wreath

I Like to hang my wreaths on all the windows in my main floor rooms. I use ribbon looped around each wreath and then use a nail and attach it to my window trim.

With white pine, you’ll notice it isn’t going to fall perfectly… But I think there’s beauty in bringing in natural elements from outside. They’re beautiful and raw… and imperfect! This just adds to the fact that they’re fresh… and not faux.

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Want to shop the supplies for this post? Click on an image below! *These are affiliate links and if used I make a small commission.

As always, thanks for reading along, pals!

Much Love,

Kori ~ From The Farmhouse life

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  1. Beautiful!! Looks so inviting to just stop in and share a cup of coffee either at the dining room table or curled up in one of those comfy looking chairs in the living room!! Very simply done, but with an elegant feel!!! Merry Christmas and thank you for sharing your home with us!

    1. That is too kind of you to say! My home was built in the 1700s and as we reno and decorate I always try to keep the original old-world charm! I appreciate you noticing! Merry Christmas to you!

    1. Thank you! I love the way they look when they’re all done! I made about 20 every year for my house. But it is a lot of work to make that many… The alternative is spending way more. So every year I contemplate… then I decide to make them because the supplies are basically free.

  2. Thanks for hearing your home!
    I like your touches of black. I once read that every room needs a piece of something black and every garden needs a gray planting. Where did you purchase the black tables in the center of your living room? Happy holidays!

    1. You are entirely welcome! Thank you for commenting! I have heard the one that every room should have something black… but the other is new to me! Thanks for sharing!

      The black tables are from IKEA. They’re called nesting tables. If you have an IKEA near you they’re decently priced!

  3. Very pretty. I love your decorating style. It looks like people could actually live there. Beautiful without being pretentious. I like that you have nice things but not a ton of it everywhere as so many of these bloggers have just gone over the top with stuff . I feel overwhelmed by all the cluttered spaces. I will definitely subscribe.

    1. Judy, That’s so kind of you to say! We definitely live here… all five of us. Three little kids make things impossible to have super nice stuff. I like to mix new and old to make things look lived in and comfy! So glad to have you as a subscriber!

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