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DIY Fresh Christmas Garland

Fresh garland looks so beautiful! I will show you how to make your own DIY fresh Christmas garland!

Ready to make your own fresh DIY Christmas garland, but aren’t sure how? Making fresh garland is super easy, and fun! And surprisingly fast! It doesn’t take more than 20 or so minutes depending on how long you want to make yours!

First – Gather your Supplies

For supplies, all you’ll need is a pair of floral shears, floral wire, a piece of twine the length of your desired garland, and greenery!

I live In the woods so I just walked out my front door and cut some branches off. If you don’t live in the woods, you can also head to your local Christmas tree farm or stand and buy some trimmings. Home Depot and Lowes also sell fresh trimmings as well.

Next, which greenery should you choose?

Knowing which greenery to choose from can be tricky. When I make garland I also try and stick to long needle greenery. This is because shorter needles tend to dry out faster.

I have a lot of white pine trees on my property so I tend to stick to those. Sometimes I’ll add in a few other kinds of branches for accents. But only just a few because shorter needles will shed… and shed a lot!

 Layout your twine and gather your greenery!

After laying out your twine, start by gathering your greenery in a bundle. Next, lay your greenery on top of your twine (at the very start) and then wrap your wire around the stems of the greenery and the twine.

Then, Keep building

To keep building your garland you’ll want to continue to layer your greens over the twine and begin to taper in. Layering it this way will make your garland linger and fuller. Just keep adding fresh green bundles over the stems of the previous branch to make your garland longer.

Do not cut your wire in between wrappings!!! It’s super important to keep the wire attached. Just keep pulling the wire down a little at a time while your wrapping. This will ensure that your garland will become one unit and will be super sturdy!

Lastly, finish your garland!

When you’re ready to finish your garland and cut your wire, layer your last piece of greenery in the opposite direction. This will make your garland more finished looking. Otherwise, it’ll end with an abrupt stop, exposing the wire.

And done!

I love the look and smell of fresh Garland at Christmas. I also love the way the pine needles spill over the mantel making it look so full!

Want to shop the supplies for this project? Click and image below to shop! *These are affiliate links and if used I make a small commission.

As always ~ thanks for reading along, pals!

Much Love,

Kori ~ From The Farmhouse life

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