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Plug in light pendant hacks and the top ten trending styles

Pendant lights can be the perfect way to add lighting to your home! When they are plug in, you don’t have to worry about them being permanent, and you have more freedom on where to put them!

There are so many cute styles out there that you can make work in your home. There’s baskets and naked bulbs, porcelain or metallic! I’ll go through some of the most popular trending pendant light styles, and answer some questions along the way! 

What is a Pendant Light?

A pendant light is a light that is hung in a straight line from the ceiling.

They can either be wired into your home, or they could be powered by a plug in! With so many different choices It’s easy to find one to fit into the style of your home.

Chandelier bulbs work as a whole. Pendant lights are also becoming more energy efficient, because they are low voltage. 

What do you call a plug in pendant light?

Pendant lights are sometimes called suspender or drop fixtures. They are suspended by a cord whether they are plug in or wired, but there isn’t a specific name for either of them. Most of the time, they are just called plug in pendant lights. 

Do pendant lights have a plug?

Not all the time. It is pretty common for pendant lights to have a plug because they are easy to add to any home. There are sites like Color Cord, where you can find the right look and length for your cord. 

What is the difference between hardwired and plug in pendant light?

A hardwired pendant light has the wire built into the home, where a plug in light simply plugs into an outlet. There are a lot of home appliances that may need to be hardwired, like a dishwasher, oven, or stove.

These appliances are connected directly to the electrical framework of your home, and pendant lights can be connected just the same.

Hardwired pendant lights dont have any exposed cords, and they can’t be moved from where they are originally placed. 

How do you install a light plug?

If you have a pendant light that is meant to be hardwired, but you would rather plug it into the wall, there is still hope!

There is a way for you to make your hardwired pendant light into a plug in pendant, it just takes a few steps! 

You will have to find a new plug that you will eventually attach to the hardwired pendant, and this can be two or three pronged. Then, you will need to locate, separate and strip the wires coming from the pendant light.

Once you’ve got your plug in, and your wires, then you can connect them! Take apart the plug in, thread the wires in, and put the plug in back together! Hawk Hill and Home Guides has some thorough step-by-step guides

What is a Plug-In Pendant Light Good For?

A plug-in pendant light is perfect for some extra lighting in your house! Sometimes the light fixtures in your home are just not enough when the sun goes down and you need some extra light.

With a plug-in pendant light, you don’t need to find a new place to hardwire a light. You can put the light wherever you need it the most! You can also find ones that fit great with your home decor, and ones that fit your budget. 

Why You Might Need Plug-In Ceiling Lights at Home

You may need a plug-in pendant light in your home just because you need more lighting! That is a perfect excuse to add something cute to your home! Some other reasons maybe if you are renting.

If you are renting, you can’t make any permanent changes to your home, but adding a plug-in ceiling light lets you add more personality to your space.

You may also need a plug-in ceiling light because it fits your budget! It is expensive to add more hardwired light fixtures in your home, and plug-in pendant lights can give you the same look without the cost! 

How to hang your pendant lights: 

There are a few ways you can hang your plug-in pendant lights, and make the look of the cord work for you! 

Camouflage with Rope

If you don’t like the look of your cord, you can wrap your cord with rope and make it work with your home decor! This is a perfect DIY example! 

Lift and Lower with Pulleys

You can also add more functionality to your light with a little pulley system! You can move the light higher or lower for what you need with something like this pulley system from Etsy

Drape It

You can drape your pendant lights over a fixture like this one! You can find this one at Home Depot but that doesn’t mean you can’t DIY it! 

A Pendant Light Chandelier

Make your pendant lights into a chandelier! You can place them in a circular way like this or in any way that would fit your vision! 

A ladder

Don’t be afraid to use what you have on hand! A ladder could work perfectly as a unique light fixture! You can drape the cords across the steps and make it the focal point of the room! This one is from Etsy! 

If these sparked any ideas for you, here are some of the most popular pendant light styles that you can use in your home! 










Mid-century modern

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  1. You did not give information about a hook in the ceiling to hook your pendant light on and how to hang it. These are the questions I had

  2. The horizontal bar in the Home Depot example, where can I get that. It is the one with the three lights draped on it.
    Thank you for a great article, I learnt so much

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