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The ultimate guide to choosing the right stairs chandelier

Choosing the right chandelier for your stairs can be tricky! I’m here to answer some of your frequently asked questions and give examples of different chandelier styles that are sure to make a statement over your stairs!

Staircase Chandeliers

Chandeliers are such a fun and interesting light source to add to your stairs! There are many different styles to choose from that will tie into really any vibe.

When you think of chandeliers, your mind might immediately go to the grand light fixtures in mansions and castles, but there’s so much more than that! 

There are countless styles of chandeliers, and they are growing as different themes evolve. They are not all glitz and glamour, and some work perfectly in a farmhouse style!

You also may immediately think of them either in the middle of a grand living room or above the dining room table. These are eye-catching placements for a chandelier, but it is becoming more popular to have a chandelier in the stairwell as well.

You don’t immediately expect stairs to have a focal point piece like a chandelier, but with the right style, it would make perfect sense!

Staircases need lighting, you gotta see where you are going, and it is an open spot for adding some style to your home! If you want to add a chandelier to your staircase, there are a few things to consider.

You have to figure out how big your light fixture should be, what style, and the kind of ambiance you want to create! 

Boho farmhouse living room with dark fireplace surround and shiplap on walls.

What is the right size chandelier for a stairwell? 

You may already have an idea of what you want to style you want your chandelier to be over your stairs, but one thing that might be a little restrictive is finding the right size.

You dont want the chandelier to be too big where it overpowers the other aspects of your home, but you don’t want it to be too small where it doesn’t bring enough light or is overlooked. 

The first thing to do is to consider the size of your stairwell. A trick that some use is to measure the length and width of the space in feet, and add them together.

This total is the number of inches the diameter of the chandelier should be. This trick should give you an idea of the right size the light fixture should be so it fits well within your space! 

You should also consider the weight of your chandelier. You may receive your chandelier and find that your electrical box cannot support it.

Many standard electrical boxes have a weight limit that could go up to 150 pounds. Look further into the weight capacity of your electrical box, your chandelier, and talk to a contractor for more information! 

Farmhouse style dining room with black chairs, exposed beams, and shiplap on walls.

Where to hang lights on a stairwell?

Having good lighting in a stairwell is crucial, which depends on the right placement of light sources. Depending on the chandelier, they provide a lot of light for its surrounding area.

The easiest and most efficient place for a chandelier is on a stairs landing or platform. This is usually the midpoint of the stairs where they change direction.

This area can be darker and harder to see, but it also provides a lot of room for a chandelier. 

There are different styles of chandeliers that can work well with the size and height of the area. If your stairwell has taller ceilings, you could have a longer chandelier, or even hang multiple light fixtures.

This also gives you wiggle room for how far down the light fixture should hang. If you have a low ceiling with limited headroom, however, a chandelier may not be best.

A chandelier’s light source makes the staircase safer, but you don’t want it to be a danger to someone’s head as they walk down the stairs. There are still many ideas and styles for light sources that you can have fun with! 

upstairs landing with wooden beaded chandelier, buffalo check wallpaper, and shiplap on wall.

How high to hang a chandelier in a stairwell 

If your stairwell has more head clearance, it might be the perfect place for a chandelier.  If you have the right size and weight, the next thing you need to consider is its height.

In a stairwell that is two stories tall, the chandelier shouldn’t hang any lower than the normal ceiling height.

A chandelier over a table shouldn’t hang any lower than 30 inches above the table, but it is harder to measure its height for your stairs. The average height for a chandelier in a stairwell is 7 or 8 feet above the ground. 

How do you choose a chandelier?

The right chandelier has to do with style and size, but it also has to do with creating the right ambiance. A chandelier is a great light source, which also means it determines how light is

dispersed throughout the area. Countless chandelier designs disperse light in a way that makes the room cozier and warmer, or cooler toned ones that make space feel more spacious and open.

This also depends on the style of the fixture itself. 

The differences between chandeliers can be subtle, but just enough to set the scene for the entire space. There are a few things that I just discussed that make this choice easier.

You have to abide by the restrictions of the amount of space you have and the weight the chandelier can be. Besides that, the rest is up to you! Chandeliers can be the perfect asset to your home’s decor. 

Staircase Chandelier Ideas

Shopping for a chandelier can be overwhelming. If you look in Home Depot’s lighting section, it is filled with options and it is hard to know which one would be right for you!

Shopping online can diminish some of that stress, as it helps you look at things one at a time, and it lets you

look at them as long as you want. But sometimes, these options can’t help you decide the right light for you. 

Sometimes when I am looking for the right home decor,  I need to see it in action, and in the setting that it was meant for. A chandelier can be labeled a modern light fixture, and it could look great!

But If it’s in the store, other lights are blocking how it disperses its light, and online it’s hard to tell! Pinterest is a lifesaver though! 

Pinterest is full of ideas and examples of how certain chandeliers fit well in different themes! Y

ou may not be able to find the same chandelier on Pinterest in a store, but it gives you a better idea of what to expect from certain chandelier styles, and help you decide what is best for you!

We can look at some of my favorite examples from Pinterest. 

*Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if purchasing I may make a small commisson. Thanks for supporting the brands that support this blog of mine!!

Farmhouse Staircase Chandelier 

There are so many ideas for a farmhouse chandelier! These examples usually have a black frame and warm light. I think the black pairs well with the farmhouse style, as it works with more neutral tones and has more of a classy but homey look!

The warm light extenuates that as well. The warm light makes it cozy and comfortable, while also providing sufficient light to the stairwell.  

Modern Chandelier for Staircase

I also really like the different ideas for modern chandeliers. They usually have more of a clean, geometric shape to them, and have a cooler toned light.

This chandelier stood out to me because it doesn’t have the classic look with bulbs. It has a black and white look and the cool light brightens up the room and makes it feel clean and spacious. 

Farmhouse Modern Blend Chandelier

I’ve been seeing more of this pendant light look, and I really like it!

I think these would work really well in a tall staircase or foyer stairs. They can be bought as one fixture, or you could have some fun and hang them around the stairwell too.

I think they give some character to the house, and they catch guests’ attention while still being subtle. 

Bohemian Chandelier 

If you want to go for a bohemian style, there are a few fun ways to go about it will your chandelier. The bohemian theme is all about being eclectic and having a cozy space.

One way to make your space cozier is with warm lighting, and you can always add to your boho style with more home decor. A chandelier combines both of those ideas, and adding one to your stairwell could be perfect. 

The bohemian theme makes good use of textures and often works with wooden beads.

This chandelier has wooden beads and could match your other bohemian-themed decor. It’s a simple yet perfect addition to your home. 

Industrial Chandelier

This is why I love Pinterest, there are so many creative ideas, and more industrial chandeliers like this!

This example bleeds into some of the aspects of the farmhouse chandelier, but the wood-iron frame of the fixture really makes it fit in an industrial-themed home.

There are plenty more chandeliers that have a more spherical shape that may be the perfect idea for you! 

Classic Chandelier

Remember how I said that there are more chandeliers than the grand sparkly ones that you think of? That doesn’t mean they are any less pretty or perfect for someone’s home!

Chandelier styles have changed over time, but the classic chandelier style is still very beautiful today! It may blend in perfectly with your style, or it could work well as a purposeful contrast to your decor.

Either way, it doesn’t hurt to look at the different ideas! 

Where to buy a chandelier for a staircase

There are so many different places you can get a chandelier. Different styles are very popular and it all depends on what you prefer!

I mentioned Home Depot before and their lighting section, and they do have good options for light fixtures! Wayfair has a ton of options as well, and you could even find some chandeliers on Etsy if it’s in your budget!

A budget-friendly option might be Ikea, and urban outfitters have been improving their home furnishing section! 

Chandeliers are a popular home decor choice that you can put your own personal spin on! The concept of a chandelier can be translated in countless ways to fit different styles and necessities for lighting and decor.

Thanks to the internet, you can find which chandelier works best for your staircase, and look at all the different options available! 

Thanks so much for reading along!

Much love,

Kori ~ from The Farmhouse Life

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