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10 Ideas To Make Your Home Back-To-School Ready

I know, I know, it can’t be that time yet! It feels like summer just began! But alas, time flies when you’re having fun. With 3 kids, back to school season can get a bit hectic – making sure we’ve got all the supplies we need and getting organized to make sure the rest of the school year goes as smoothly as possible. It can be stressful, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with it! 

It’s not quite the end of summer weather yet and it’s too early to decorate and get ready for fall, but what if you want to switch some things up? Take the chance to add some back to school decorations and organizational systems before the school year starts! Changing things up from summer decorations can help the kids get back into the school mindset and it can help them transition from the summer activities. As always, I took to Pinterest and started searching for some home decor and organizational ideas! Here are my top 10 ideas I’ve found: 

1. Back To School Mantel 

You may have seen my blog post about some summer mantel ideas, well, let’s add one to the list! I think a back-to-school mantel is a really cute idea. You can really stylize it any way you want by getting school supplies that fit with your decor. I especially like the DIY banner in this example that’s made out of old book pages! 

2. Back To School Tablescape 

This goes along the same idea as the mantel – using school supplies as a tablescape! The kids would always have a pencil or a ruler available for when they do homework at the table! Finding some decorative jars to hold loose supplies and some fruit for a healthy snack would be the perfect mood-setter for getting the kids back in school spirit! 

3. Back To School Centerpiece 

This idea kind of blurs the line between having a functional and decorative centerpiece. This is a tiered centerpiece from Etsy that is shown to have a few more knick-knacks! You can add some pieces that have fun and inspirational sayings, and even add a place where you can always find a pencil! 

4. Ruler Table Runner 

This table runner from Etsy is just adorable! I think it fits in the back-to-school theme just right, and you can keep it simple with a plant or dress it up with the centerpiece above! You could mix and match the ideas above, or take this idea in your own direction, 

5. Command/Organization Center 

Having a command center is super helpful for the whole family! There are tons of examples on Pinterest, but I really like this one from Willowcrest Lane. It has a monthly calendar and a weekly planner. It also has a place for the kiddos to hang up their coats and backpacks so they can stay organized. A system like this can help the whole family know what’s happening every day and stay on the same page! 

6. Grocery List and Meal Planner 

This can be an any-season idea, but I think it’s especially important for the school year! Things can be hectic without even trying, and having something to look at and help plan meals can make it a bit easier. Printables like this one can go right on the fridge, and keeping a pen or pencil nearby can take the pressure off figuring it all out at once. You can just add meal ideas as you get them, or write down what to buy as you run out!

7. Portable Homework Station 

This portable homework station is made with an Ikea cart! It’s super easy and you can get it in whichever color you want. I really like this idea because it keeps all the school supplies organized in one place, but it doesn’t restrict a homework station from being made in whichever room feels comfortable for the kids! You can add notebooks, pencils, art supplies, rulers, and compasses – whatever your kids need the most of to get their homework done! 

8. Simple Snack Station

These tiered baskets are meant to hold fruit, but that doesn’t stop them from being used for something else! School can be tough for kids, and sometimes all they want is a snack when the day is done. An idea like this one can back it easy for them to decide what they want, and it can really go anywhere. It can be a focal point on your counter or hide in the corner if you’d rather. Plus, open storage will help you see what you are running low on easily. 

9. Inspirational Quotes Around the House

I found these framed inspirational quotes on Etsy and I think they are perfect for the back-to-school season. As I said, school can be hard for kids, and as they get older having some positive reminders around the house could never hurt! They also aren’t a bad inspiration for the parents. 

10. Reading Nook 

If you have room for it in your home, I think making a reading nook is such a cute idea for the school year! This tiny teepee tent can work as a quiet place for kids to go read and complete their homework. This might make doing homework just a bit more fun and cozy! You could also have a bookshelf or the homework station nearby to encourage getting work done! 

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  1. These ideas are great. I almost wish I had a school-age child. Enjoy the rest of the summer.


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