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How to make a simple DIY string garland for your Christmas mantel

Have you ever made string garland before? If not, it’s super simple and requires very few items to create! I’ll walk you through the steps so you can create your own DIY string garland for your Christmas mantel!

Supplies needed to make string garland:

For supplies, you’ll need Twine cut to your desired length and whatever else you’ll want to embellish your string garland. You’ll also need a small bit of floral wire too.

I happen to have dried orange slices on hand, faux berry picks, and antique vintage bells. But really anything will work.

If you’ve never died oranges before, check out this video from Made By Hand. She does such a wonderful job showing how to make your own.

Start by attaching largest items to string garland

I like to start when making my string garland with my largest items to help anchor everything. In this case, it would be my antique bells.

Each of my bells has a little metal hoop at the top. So I took my twine and I strung it through my loop and tied a knot. Measuring the same distance all the way to the end of my twine. I kept repeating this process until I reached the end of my twine.

Attach your items to your string garland:

To add my dried oranges, I strung both ends of a small piece of floral wire through the dried orange and began to twist the wire around the twine. I also added a few orange slices through the loops of my bells. This created some pretty clusters.

And lastly, I added my berry picks. My berry picks have wire stems so this made this process so much easier than having to glue each berry pick on. All I did was wrap my berry pick stem around my twine and twist.

Hang your string garland:

You can hang your sting garland anywhere. It would look simple and beautiful over a window, a mantel, or even strung across a bookcase. I decided to hang mine over my fireplace mantel layered in with green garland and a strand of beaded garland. You can either use command hooks or a small nail and hammer.

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Want to shop the supplies for this project? Just click and image below!

Thanks so much, for reading along pals!

Much Love,

Kori ~ From The Farmhouse Life

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