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Christmas Round-Up at the farm

Tis the season for Christmas decor! In light of that, I’ve written a round-up post with some of my favorite Christmas inspiration form last year!

Farmhouse Christmas whole house tour

Let’s kick things off the right way with a whole house tour to get you inspired by some really phenomenal farmhouses! Grab some cocoa and listen to some Christmas music and you read to help with the whole effect.

Farmhouse porch Christmas tour!

Why visit one farmhouse porch when you could visit several! In this post, we spent some time taking a look around at six farmhouse porches total, getting inspiration on all the cozy outdoor décor you could use too! I introduced my own space and also visited some farms (online) who do DIY I love!

How to make wreaths for your dining room chairs this Christmas!

Wreaths for your dining room chairs is a festive addition this Christmas season! I highlighted these last year, but they’re a classic that works just in general. I grabbed some faux garland, and used some fresh greenery for mantels and centerpieces. The faux greenery is a huge time-saver that I think you’ll love too!

How to make a simple DIY string garland for your Christmas mantel

Here’s a super simple DIY that I think you’ll love! String garland is a great addition to your Christmas mantel and you’ll need just a few items to create it! Seriously, it’s so easy! You need twine, cut to your needed length, and anything you plan for decorations. I used some dried orange slices, faux berry picks, and antique vintage bells. The sky’s the limit for your creativity!

Staircase garland – How to decorate your stairs for Christmas!

Gather up 2 to 4 strands of garland, some small nails, a hammer (command hooks if you want to avoid holes), and a few rolls of ribbon and some floral wire. You’ll get to design a staircase garland and, bonus, learn to make beautiful bows!

12 days of Christmas crafts: Day one – A DIY advent centerpiece

No Christmas is complete without a centerpiece! This post from last year was the first of 12 fun days of Christmas crafts, starting with an Advent centerpiece! And I started it out with a short history of Advent candles!

How to Make a DIY Christmas jar with an antique Santa figure

Here’s a good one that your kids are sure to love! This is a simple craft that uses a favorite antique Santa figure to make your own Christmas jar or hurricane! This one from last year also took a look at the lantern from Everyday Edits!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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