Do-It-Yourself fresh Christmas garland

Ready to make your own fresh garland, but aren’t sure how? Making fresh garland is super easy, and fun! And surprisingly… it doesn’t take more than 20 or so minutes! All you’ll need are a pair of floral shears, floral wire, a piece of twine the length of your desired garland, and greenery! I live In the woods so I just walked out my front door and cut some branches off, but I suppose you can also head to a Christmas tree farm or any place that sells bows.

table and greens


Here is an image of what supplies you’ll need. I listed them earlier, but you can find them at any major craft store.


Once you’ve found the greenery you’ll use make the cuts to your greenery so they’re all about the same size and shape.

lay out your twine and gather your greenary

After laying out your twine start by gathering your greenary by layering them on top of one another. Then place the greenary on top of the twine.


Then you’ll wrap your wire around the bottom stems of the greenery and the twin. It’s important to keep the wire on the holder. This makes the job go much faster and helps to make the garland much sturdier.

layer your greenanry

Continue to layer your greenery over each of the wire wrappings. Make sure that your twine stays within each wrapping of the wire. This serves not only as the length of your garland but also hepls to give it a little more structure.

last but not least

lastly, flip your last piece of greenery when you’ve reached the end of your twine in the opposite direction. This way each end will match making it look like a seamless piece of garland. When you’re finished, move your garland to wherever you desire and fluff your greenery so it looks even. Then add whatever you prefer to decorate. You can slide in branches of berries or place candles and pinecones on top.

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