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27 Easy Tips for Decorating Your Home on a Budget

This weekend, I wracked my brain for decorating cheap tips and that can give any of us a beautiful new look. I was decorating on a budget in 2021, when I found some huge craft sales online that made for some do-it-yourself styles I’m still using on my shelves.

Eclectic decorating on a budget can be an easy fix, because that way you can fit new pieces into what you have created, without worrying it doesn’t quite match. A few simple home decor ideas can go a long way.

If you’re stumped on a way to beautify your space, consider these 27 easy tips for decorating your home on a budget. The best cheap home decor is both functional and beautiful, and uniquely you.

How can I decorate my house on a low budget?

A low budget is much better than no budget! When your budget is small, focus on your greatest needs. If you have $100 and need a new desk chair, shop used furniture shops and thrift stores, and don’t make an impulse buy. Sometimes a bargain-basement chair can come at a much lower cost and higher quality if you wait to find the right one. 

How do you decorate when you have no style?

I love to start with a blank canvas, giving me room to let my creativity shine! When you have no style, that means there is room to pick a specific style or use eclectic decor to create your own one-of-a-kind space. 

To start, create some inspiration boards, either on Pinterest or at home, to decide your color schemes and the direction you will take with your decorating. Restyling your shelves with items from around your home can be a no-cost option, for adding some zing to an otherwise drab wall. 

How can I revamp my space on a budget?!

Interior design on a budget can be easy, when you’re creative and shop around.

Interior design on a budget can be easy, when you’re creative and shop around. The beauty of refreshing your space is that you don’t need a total overhaul to get the look that makes you feel renewed! Instead, focus on what changes will fit into your budget, and how you can save even more. 

For instance, a new paint color on the walls or some stenciling on the floor can create a bold new look at a much lower cost than, for example, changing out the living room furniture. When you’re looking for budget-friendly, low-cost decorating options, try one or a few of these:

  • Add visual interest by creating a gallery wall
  • Add one big statement piece as a focal point
  • Have a collection – display it!
  • Try a pop of color 
  • Add warm lighting!
  • Add low-cost layers with blankets, throw pillows, and faux furs 
  • Don’t be afraid to DIY it! 

How can I make my house look classy?

A classy look is an easy fix if you follow a few basic rules to get your new look. Keeping some elements symmetrical can create a classic look, but to up it to a classy look, add in some faux fur or silk-type fabrics, and bring it all together for a polished look.

Here are a few important decor rules that will up your classy style:

  • Avoid awkward curtain lengths
  • Choose rugs at the right scale
  • Pick a color palette that works
  • Hang artwork at eye level
  • Use various light sources 

Check out a few cheap room decor websites to find looks that fit your taste and style. You might find some photos with objects like the things around your house, so you can swap out decor between rooms.

How can I make my house look luxurious?

Luxury can be a tough goal on a small budget, but that doesn’t make it impossible. When you’re considering home decorating ideas on a budget, consider that cheap decorating doesn’t mean boring decorating. When you want to decorate, but feel like you have no talent, remember, there is no wrong! Let your juices flow! Here are a few more rules to follow, as you decorate your space: 

  • We all have our own style – don’t compare. do what makes you happy! 
  • Start with one space – don’t picture your whole house.
  • Find inspiration pictures and find out why you’re drawn to them. 
  • Don’t be afraid to DIY!
  • Choose a few classic furniture pieces that will never go out of style. This will help ground your room

What is the 60-30-10 decorating rule?

There are certain classic decor rules that you should never break because they will make your space perfect. The 60-30-10 rule makes your space into a welcoming and inviting color palette. In your space, 60 percent should be a dominant color and 30 percent a secondary color or texture. The remaining 10 percent should be accents.

What makes a house tacky?

A house starts to look tacky when you go way overboard with the decorating! Simple is usually better, especially when your pieces have special meaning to you. Wall-to-wall marble can be a bit tacky, in most cases, and definitely doesn’t fit into decorating on a budget!

Another tacky decor problem is when your look is too trendy and in the moment. I love some trends, don’t get me wrong! However, if it’s expensive and too trendy, the look won’t be genuine and you’ll want to return it and try something new. Your look should be one that lasts and that’s one way to avoid a tacky house. If you aren’t satisfied with the decor look you achieve, that’s one sign you’re entering the tacky zone.

What is the first thing to decorate a room?

I like to clear out a room when I’m redesigning all the decor. That gives me a fresh start and a good understanding of the space. Next, I work on choosing a rug and wall color at the same time. Creating a color palette has the biggest effect on your decor. 

Some people like a bold statement, such as a fuchsia wall or a totally orange room. I like muted tones, with black painted woodwork and farmhouse charm. Colors of every shade are available today! If you want a warm greige, get ready to spend some time browsing among all the options. Consider cozying up an unused corner with an armchair and floor lamp.

What is the easiest way to decorate a house?

When you have limited time or a small decorating budget, pick something simple in each room to pull everything together. Rearrange furniture so you have a cozy space for conversation and add a few throw pillows. Making a pillow is one do-it-yourself craft that many people can tackle easily. 

Or add some books or candles to a coffee table, to create a center of interest for your room. Using items you already own and rearranging them in an interesting way, is an easy and affordable way to add wow to your space.

Living room with a large sectional, throw pillows and blankets, and an exposed beam ceiling.

How can I make my house look nice inside?

My favorite recent decor change was in the entryway, the first space guests see as they enter your home. I love the feeling of being a great host! Whether you live in an apartment or a big farmhouse like my family, there is a way to create warmth and unique spaces that fit your lifestyle. After all, decorating is just a way to make your house a home that you love to see at the end of a busy day.

A nice natural wooden entryway table, with candles or holiday-specific decor, and a few wall hangings, creates a welcoming entry. Another quick fix everywhere in your home is tidying up, and keeping it neat and presentable. Staying guest-ready can go a long way in creating a nice look inside your home. For some, this means having extras, such as soft, pleasant bedding with handmade skirts, or window treatments that are unique to your window styles. For others, it is as simple as having fresh, fluffy towels in the linen closet just off the bath or bedside candles in the guest room.

How do I start decorating my house?

I look for inspiration online and around me when it’s time to start on a new decorating project in my house. When it’s time to start decorating my house, I look at it as a refresh. Anything that’s drab or dated, or a little worn, has to go! 

Then, after a thorough cleaning and fresh paint, I make a list of projects by room that will have a big impact. For instance, my stair runner install or creating pantry storage. Organizing is a big part of creating a new decor look that isn’t just beautiful, but also functional! 

But, most important, as I’ve said before, start with what you have. Shop in a variety of low-cost spots to find the best deals, including thrift stores and confinement sales, Facebook marketplace, and other online shops you trust. A $30 gallon of paint is always a good investment. It gives you a fresh, clean slate, and in some smaller rooms, is about all you need. 

A few other ideas:

  • Get ideas on Pinterest
  • Use a few accents in a room to be eye-catching
  • Dig out your grandmother’s or mother’s heirlooms and display them. Older pieces add a vintage charm to your decor.
  • Add plants for a pop of color 

Here are a few Home Decorating Tips, a mini-where to start guide:

  • Start with a bold front door
  • Paint your walls neutrals – warm whites like Sherwin Williams.
  • Natural light is key! Pick window treatments that allow the sun to shine during the day.
  • Add a statement mirror. It can go anywhere you want to add an element of decor, the entryway or living room especially, even a floor mirror. This makes your room feel bigger when the light reflects. Plus it’s practical. 
  • Add artwork. Large statement pieces or smaller pictures for gallery walls. Wall decor ideas go beyond just traditional art. Children’s artwork in frames or other framed items can work great too!
  • Add lighting. Not only an overhead statement light but table plumps and sconces for warm light. 
  • Layer textures like rugs, throw blankets, and pillows 
  • Declutter your home, you can add baskets to organize! 

When decorating, where do you start?

Decorating should be a happy experience that makes your home a cozy space! Picking a place to start varies by project and person. If you have a small project, such as styling a shelf, you’ll want to gather materials and get creative. For a full room project, painting or reflooring might need to come at the beginning.

As you think through your project, write down what you want to achieve and work backward, until you get to the first step. If you get into a major do-it-yourself project, decide early on if you need to call in a professional. It will cost more, but experts will help in the long run.

Living room with a large sectional, throw pillows and blankets, and an exposed beam ceiling.

How can I make my home unique?

Creating your own vibe and sense of style is my favorite part of the new decor! Your unique personality will come out, as you begin to decorate. This will create a home unlike anyone else’s, that your friends and family will recognize as yours. After your redo, if your home seems bland or cookie-cutter, add some more flair! Faux fur or something covered in glitter can go a long way!

If pizzazz and glitter are too much for you, there are tons of other options out there! Maybe you find a unique piece of artwork at the local thrift store or recover a favorite chair or footstool. Online fabric stores are filled with unique prints and fabric textures that can add depth and personality to your home. Or eye catching wallpaper! Shop around a little, sometimes these stores have great coupons and sales.

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  1. Great decorating advice! Love these ideas! New floor registers are another affordable way to transform the look of your home. Small updates can make all the difference! 🙂

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