Gift guide this Holiday season

Holiday Gift guide for the whole family

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Uncategorized | November 27, 2020

I’ve gathered together some of the hottest gifts this holiday season to make shopping for your family so much easier!

This season I’ve rounded up some of the hottest gifts to make shopping for your people much easier! Whether it’s your family, friends, teachers, etc – Check out my holiday guide to check off those people on your list.

To be totally honest, this guide might have a dual purpose. Not only am I creating this guide to help you get your shopping done easily, but I’m also creating this guide as a resource for myself. As a lot of these items I’ve bought or plan on buying for MY people.

List 1: Perfect for all those tech lovers!


  1. Portable speaker
  2. Wireless charger
  3. Nintendo switch
  4. Portable battery pack
  5. professional mic
  6. Wireless gaming headset
  7. Apple pen
  8. Video doorbell
  9. VR headset
  10. Sweatproof wireless earbuds
  11. Kindle reader
  12. Chromebook duet

List 2 – for the kids in your life

  1. Indoor air soccer ball
  2. Osomo creative starter kit
  3. Lego robot set
  4. Frozen castle
  5. Cinderella set
  6. Lego Super Mario set
  7. Tamagotchi
  8. Baby Yoda

List 3 – Cozies for the whole family!

  1. Kids PJs
  2. Fleece robe for him
  3. Fleece robe for her
  4. Fleece robe for the kids
  5. Fleece PJs for him
  6. Wool socks for adults
  7. Wool socks for kids
  8. Fleece PJs for her
  9. Wicked good mocks her him
  10. Wicked good mocs for her
  11. Wicked good mocs for the kids

List 4 – uniques gifts!

  1. Ice cream maker
  2. Fleece sheets
  3. Headlamp
  4. 3D pen
  5. Tweezer man tweezers… the only pair you’ll ever need!
  6. Deep pressure messager
  7. Karaoke machine


Alright – We’ll I’m off to shop now!


Thanks for stopping by!

Much Love,

Kori ~From The Farmhouse Life

christmas fireplace

How to style a Crate for the holiday season

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Uncategorized | November 24, 2020

Decorate with a wooden crate for a festive Holiday display!

Hello Friends. It’s time again for another round of the Pinterest Challenge. Today, I’ll be showing you a fun way to decorate with wooden crates this holiday season.

If you’re coming over from Lora at Create and Ponder – Welcome! And thanks so much for stopping by!  I’m glad you’re here.  Wasn’t her crate beautiful?!

And a special thanks to Cindy from Country Road 407 for organizing all of this! Well, there’s a lot to see so let’s get started.

This month’s inspiration photo comes from Jennifer at The Grace House Interiors.   I love how she added these rustic wooden trees and beautiful evergreen sprigs! The berries give a perfect pop of color too!

The inspiration photo comes from Jennifer at The Grace House Interiors.

I decided for this Pinterest challenge that I was going to think outside of the box. Literally! Instead of layering Christmas goodies inside, I was going to stack mine in my fireplace along with my jars and crocks and Create a sort of pedestal.

I started with my two crates. I stacked one upside down first, that way I could put things on it. The other crate I stacked on its side so it lays vertically. I stacked them differently because I wanted to create varying heights to add dimension to my fireplace.

Next, I wanted to showcase my collection of jars and crocks. So I stacked them throughout the fireplace. Some I stacked on the crates and some right beside the crates.

Lastly, I decided my fireplace display was missing something and needed a pop of color. So I added this faux poinsettia. It adds just the right amount of color and also adds height to the overall display adding more symmetry throughout.

Want to shop this Post? Click an image below!

Now it’s time to check out Julie from My Wee Abode ‘s Christmas crate! Don’t forget to check out all the other links too.  You’re bound to Pin and save several somethings!  😉


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Thanks so Much for reading along, Pals!

Much Love,

Kori ~From The Farmhouse Life

beauty tips and tricks

6 easy and affordable beauty tips

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Uncategorized | November 21, 2020

Some of my favorite beauty tips

I’ve had a blast this week sharing all of my “beauty tips” with you all. I may not have many… and they probably aren’t a secret to everyone… But these are the few I use all the time!


Tip one: Cleansing oils

Cleaning your face and body with an oil cleanser adds moisture and doesn’t strip it away like soap. My body is so smooth now as opposed to when I would used bar soap which would cause me to breakout.

Tip two: Gel Nails

I love to get my nails done at the salon. But boy does that get expensive! I started doing my own at home and very quickly switched to gel because regular polishes would chip. Then I soon found a LED lamp to cure my nails as opposed to the harsh lights of the UV lamps.

Tip three: Eyebrow Pencil

I get asked a lot about my eyebrows oddly enough. People ask if they’re naturally thick and full or if I’ve ever done Microblading. I’ve never done microblading but I’m so intrigued by it! I just fill mine in with a thin tip mechanical eyebrow pencil. I like the ones that have a brush on the other end to comb it out.

Tip: four: Skincare routine

My skincare routine is very simple. But it is recommended by my dermatologist. She says she thinks all women should be on a vitamin C serum and some sort of retinol (Vitamin A). I Use the CeraVe system because it works so well with Differin. Differin is technically an acne product but it contains the highest amount of vitamin A on the market that you can get over the counter!

Tip five: Flutter Habit

Flutter Habit is a DIY eyelash extension product that you apply yourself and the lashes stay on 5-7 days. When you order them they send you a month’s supply so If one falls off during the week you can reapply another. I love the look of eyelash extensions. Mainly because I love a finished look – and not having to put mascara on every day saves me time. Plus, Mascara isn’t going to give you the same look as eyelash extensions.

Tips 6: Tinkle Razors

Beauty tips

The last tip is one that I live by! Facial razors! I love Tinkle because They’re sharp and meant to be used all over your face. I use them a few times a week to keep my face hair-free. No, I don’t find that my hair grows back thicker or darker. I’ve been doing this for years. I also feel like using them exfoliates my skin and my makeup goes on smoother!

As promised ~ For all those watching this week in stories on Instagram ~ I promised to announce a winner! I’m giving away a beauty bundle with my favorites!

The winner is…  @sorapadoodledoo DM me on Instagram your address~ Congrats!

Thanks so much for reading along!!

Much Love,

Kori ~ The farmhouse Life


3 ingredient strawberry jam

3 ingredient homemade strawberry refrigerator jam – Made in minutes!

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DIY | November 19, 2020

Make a batch of homemade strawberry jam with only 3 ingredients in minutes!

Strawberry jam is a family favorite in my house. It pairs so well with my soft homemade bread! We eat a lot… of both!

The downside is that the suger content is really high and you never really know what else they put in the store-bought jars. Things like high fructose corn syrup and preservatives just to name a few.

So I’ve decided this is one of those foods that I can make myself. That way I know what’s in it and I can feel good when they slather!

I’ve done some experimenting with different ingredients and I’ve come up with the best tasting – easiest – and quickest to make!

We like the taste of strawberries and want our jam to taste like strawberries and not candy. Every time my kids slather this jam on their bread they always say it tastes so fresh – just like they’re eating fresh strawberries.

This strawberry refrigerator jam will last 7-10 days in the fridge. I try and make at least two small jars at a time. I mean – we make a lot of PB & Js over here!

Step one: Gather your ingredients

For this recipe, you’ll need 1 lb of strawberries, a cup of sugar, and 1/4 cup of lemon juice. Pour all of your ingredients into a bowl and mix it all well.

Blend and cook your ingredients

After all the ingredients are mixed well, toss them into the blender and let it pulse a few times to break up the strawberries. next,  put them in a pot and cook on low/med heat. Be sure to bring this mixture up to a boil and stir frequently. If you don’t notice your jam thickening, keep cooking. It will eventually thicken. If not add more sugar and cook longer.

Step three: Allow to cool and pour

Allow the mixture to sit and cool and then pour into your jars. Be sure to store it in the fridge for up to a week!


Check out this awesome video from Willian Sonoma which shows you all the steps for homemade 3 ingredient jam!

Thanks for reading along!

Much Love,

Kori ~ The farmhouse Life

coffee bar with cups, hot cocoa packets, and plates

Holiday coffee and hot cocoa bar

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DIY | November 16, 2020

Add a festive coffee and hot cocoa bar this Holiday season to warm you up and save your budget!

If you’re coming over from Aliya, welcome! Wasn’t her hot cocoa bar gorgeous?!

Well – It’s that time of year where a hot beverage in our hands is a must! Honestly, I can’t seem to work proficiently without one! I’ll admit – I’m a sucker for a good Starbucks latte.

But boy can those get pricey. Especially if you have little to no will power like me. All of a sudden my “once in a while” coffee treat turned into an “every other day” coffee treat. And my budget went out the window.

My husband would ask “Um – Kori… do you really need that many Starbucks lattes?” And of course, my answer is yes! But the more I thought about it the more I realized it was time to maybe invest in my own Latte maker. So this year I decided I was going to upgrade my coffee/hot cocoa bar with a Nespresso machine!

Pin me!!

A festive hot cocoa bar

Every year I try and make my coffee bar festive for the Holidays. I’ll add cute jars and baskets with all the fixings for yummy hot cocoa or a sweet delicious coffee. My kids love coming home from school and helping themselves to warm cocoa with an absurd amount of marshmallows.

This year I’m adding a Nespresso machine to the mix so now I can make my own caramel latte or macchiatos any time I want. Really the possibilities are endless because with a Nespresso machine you can really make any specialty drink. And… he’s to hoping with my own Latte maker, my budget will be saved as well.

The key to a good coffee and hot cocoa bar:

The key to a good coffee and hot cocoa bar is having EVERYTHING that someone might need on hand to make their beverage. So for instance, if someone is going to make hot cocoa they’ll for sure need water. That’s why I put an electric tea kettle on my bar filled with water. I also have jars filled with marshmallows, candy canes, and chocolates. Whatever the heart might desire.

And for coffee fixings of course there’s hot cocoa for mochas, caramel syrup for lattes, and a milk frother/ steamer for the perfect frothed topping!


Add some festive holiday decor

Adding some of your favorite Holiday decor is a sure way to make your coffee bar so festive and more appealing.

I like to add copper touches because to me, copper just feels like Christmas! I also added some of my favorite Holiday mugs and a few teacups with saucers so I can pretend to be fancy.

I try and add “wintery” touches so it can stay around long after Christmas (not that we need the temptation in the new year). Decorations like pinecones and evergreen sprigs will not look out of place well past Christmas.

Click on an image below to shop this post!

Be sure to pin this post for inspiration later!

That’s it for me! Now it’s time to go check out Kristin’s gorgeous hot cocoa bar

And be sure to check out the others hot cocoa bars below!

Check out all these fabulous coffee/hot cocoa bar ideas and be inspired to slow down this holiday season.

White Arrows Home / Pine & Prospect Home / The Tattered Pew

Thistlewood Farms / Open Door Home / The Farmhouse Life

Thanks so much for reading along, everyone!

Much love,

Kori ~ The farmhouse life

homemade bread on a cutting board

The easiest homemade bread recipe – EVER!

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DIY | November 3, 2020

Make your own homemade bread with a few ingredients and a little time!

Making homemade bread has never been easier… and believe me. I was an avid breadmaker user for years! I loved my breadmaker. All you have to do is dump your ingredients in and wait 4 hours. But after perfecting this recipe, I find that it takes half that time AND it comes out softer and more delicious!

Making homemade bread has so many benefits in comparison to store-bought bread. First of all, there’s the bonus of actually knowing what your eating. Store bread’s ingredients list is long and sort of looks like a chemistry experiment. Homemade bread has only 5 ingredients that you can pronounce.

Another benefit is that each loaf costs pennies compared to store loaves that can be much more expensive.

Plus they freeze really well. I like to make a few batches at a time to freeze for later in the week.

To start – Grab your ingredients!

The ingredients list is so simple. All you’ll need to gather is:

  1. White flour
  2. Water
  3. Salt
  4. Sugar
  5. Yeast

You can use any white flour you like. Bread flour is going to make the fluffiest bread. If you wanted to make whole wheat bread you can substitute 1 of the cups of white flour for whole wheat or rye flour. Whatever whole grain flour you want to use is fine. Just make sure you only substitute 1  or 2 cups max! Otherwise, it’ll be too dense and won’t rise.

Mix your dry ingredients

Add in all of your dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl. I like to use metal only because it holds in the heat well and in order for your bread to rise, it’s going to need to be warm.

Add in 4 cups of flour, 2 teaspoons yeast, salt, and sugar. Then mix well.

Add your water

Once your dry ingredients are mixed well, you can add in your water mixture slowly. This recipe requires 2 cups of water. My trick is that I add 1 1/2 cups of room temperature water and 1/2 cup of boiling water. This seems to create the perfect temperature for your yeast to grow and your bread to rise.

Slowly add in your water to the dry ingredients a little at a time. Use a fork to mix. Keep adding until you have a ball forming. It’s going to be a really sticky ball – but you’ll see it go from a bunch of tiny clumps to one large clump.

Let rise

After your dough has been formed cover your bowl and set it somewhere warm. I like to put mine near my woodstove. I know some people who let their bread rise in a closet, near the stove, or even near a heating grate. You know your house best and know where the warm spots are. Let it sit covered for an hour.

Grease your pan

Next, grease your pan with something thick – like Crisco, butter, or lard. I haven’t tried coconut oil. I don’t know if that’ll work, but most oils won’t work. Olive oil will just absorb into your dough and won’t coat your pan once it’s baking.

You want to be able to dump it out of your pan when it’s finished baking. Believe me – If you don’t spend enough time greasing your bread pan – you’ll know it. You’ll be scraping your beautiful bread out of your pan. And It’s not fun!

After the hour is up transfer your dough to your greased bread pan. The dough is going to be sticky. It helps to coat your fingers in Crisco so not too much sticks to you.

Once your dough is in your pan, place it somewhere warm to rise once more for an hour. This time your pan should not be covered. Your bread will rise a lot this second round and a towel will only restrict it from rising.

Preheat your oven

Preheat your oven to 425* and place your bread in the oven on the middle rack. Let it bake for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, turn the oven down to 350* for another 20 minutes.

When the time is up, take the bread out of the oven immediately and dump your loaf out of the pan. Allow the bread to cool on a cooling rack.

That’s all!

Once your bread has cooled – enjoy! After about 10 minutes we literally can’t wait for a second longer to try it! There’s nothing better than warm bread! We love ours with butter and a little homemade strawberry jam.

Next week I’ll share a super easy jam recipe that I make from time to time with frozen strawberries leftover from the summer.

Download the recipe card here!

Click on an image below to shop for the supplies in this recipe!

Thanks for reading along pals!

Much love,

Kori~ from the farmhouse life

antique Santa figure in glass jar as centerpiece

How to make a DIY Christmas jar with an antique Santa figure

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Christmas | October 27, 2020

Make your own Christmas jar with a few supplies and your favorite antique Santa figure!

Hey Guys! I’m so excited to be joining in on my first ever Pinterest Challenge. Today we’re making our own Christmas jar or hurricane! If you’re coming over from Everyday Edits, Welcome! I’m glad you’re here. Wasn’t her lantern gorgeous!?

And a shout out to Cindy from Countryroad407 for putting this challenge together! I’m so excited to be apart of this round!!


Inspiration photo from Northern Feeling 

This month’s inspiration photo comes from Katrin at Northern Feeling. She created the most adorable little village in a jar with twinkle lights, faux snow, mini trees, and of course these sweet little houses. It’s absolutely adorable and my kids have already put this craft on their list to-do list this holiday season.

The great thing about the Pinterest Challenge is that we can look at wonderful inspiration photos like Katrin’s jar and make our own – but with our own twist!

Making it your own

For this month’s Pinterest Challenge I’m going to make my own Christmas jar to use as my dining room tables centerpiece with my antique Santa figure on display.

I’ve gathered some other supplies to fill up my jar and to complete this project. Projects like these are so fun because you can add your own twist as opposed to buying one new.

To fill your jar you can add pinecones, twinkle lights, real or faux stems, etc. I decided to keep it as natural and rustic as possible. So I grabbed my largest glass jar, some pinecones from outside, and I cut up a faux cedar branch that I had laying around in my attic.


First, gather all your supplies.

This is where you can have fun! Add really anything that makes your heart feel happy and reminds you of Christmas. I always like to pick a theme first. Are you looking for a snowy Christmas scene or maybe a rustic walk in the woods?

Whichever direction you are looking for, try and stick to your theme that way your jar doesn’t seem overwhelmed with items. You’ll at least need a jar to add your items into and whatever your main feature will be. For instance, an antique Santa like mine or maybe a snow-covered house or barn. And then all your other supplies to fill in your scene.


Next, assemble your jar

Onto the fun part… assembling your jars! I added the pinecones to the bottom layer of my jar first. If you don’t have pinecones you could maybe add faux snow or even twinkle lights.

Then you add your next layer. This is where I added my antique Santa figure.

And Lastly, once my Santa figure was securely placed in the pinecones I added my faux stems. I cut small pieces of my faux cedar branch and placed them all around my jar so it looked like my antique Santa figure was talking a walk in the woods.

Lastly, show it off!

As I said earlier in this post, I wanted to show my Christmas jar off by using it as the centerpiece to my dining room table. Now, It would look pretty bare if I didn’t add other elements to the tablescape. So I used a pretty striped table runner, some eucalyptus garland, candle holders, pinecones and pinecone garland, and copper accents.

I placed the jar itself on a cake stand so my Christmas jar would be the tallest element and layered in some Christmas trees to add color and texture to my display. The pops of copper are my favorite though. I just love how copper shines when the light hits it. It just reminds me of Christmas time!

The most important thing to remember is that when you are styling your Christmas jar remember to add features around it to draw attention to the focal point (which is your jar) not take away from it. If you have too many focal points your jar will get lost and your guests won’t know where to look. So I always add one main focal point and in this case, it’s my Christmas jar, and then I add several smaller layers to bring attention to the main attraction.


And done! Thanks so much for reading along! Now it’s time to hop over and check out Terrie’s DIY Christmas hurricane! And be sure to click on the other links too – there’s so much inspiration I’m sure you’ll want to pin a few!

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Kori~ From The Farmhouse Life


rust colored bedding with white and buffalo check Christmas pillows on bed

My favorite farmhouse Christmas decorations on Amazon and my favorite ways to decorate with them!

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Uncategorized | October 16, 2020

Grab those hot Christmas decorations before they sell out!

I know it might feel early for a Christmas post, but I feel like whenever I wait for the season to buy my Christmas decor everything is sold out! Especially if it’s the newer and trendier decor. Some of my Amazon favorites I go back for each year like beaded garland and Christmas ribbon sells out so quickly! And If I by chance find it closer to Christmas it’s like 3 times the original price!

That’s why Every October I try and get those hot items that I know will sell out and I stock up. For instance, I love red ticking Christmas ribbon to hang my Christmas wreaths on. For some reason, I can never find it in-store. I see it pop up on Amazon and they only seem to have it in stock until about the middle of October.

This is why I’ve rounded up some of my favorite farmhouse Christmas decorations on Amazon to help you get ahead of the game. I’ll also show you my favorite ways to use those decorations to decorate at Christmas time!

1. LED Flameless candles

white stocking on fireplace with flameless candles

Photo Credit

2. Burlap striped Christmas tree garland

red stripped Christmas tree garland

3. Buffalo check Christmas pillows


rust colored bedding with white and buffalo check Christmas pillows on bed

4. Rustic Bead Garland


Christmas tree garland with wooden beads

Photo credit 

5. Red burlap Farmhouse Christmas tree skirt

burlap Christmas tree shirt with red strip

6. Galvanized greenery buckets

galvanized buckets for greenery

photo credit

7. Pre-lit Christmas eucalyptus garland

pre-lit eucalyptus Christmas garland on mantel

Photo credit 

8. Red ticking Christmas Ribbon

Christmas tree and wreaths in dining room hung with ticking ribbon

Photo credit 

9. White knit Christmas stocking

white knit Christmas stocking

Photo Credit

10. Buffalo Check Christmas ribbon

buffalo check Christmas ribbon

Photo credit 

It’s never too early for Christmas

I always say It’s ever too early for Christmas! Especially if you’re looking to get a jump on your Christmas decor shopping by stocking up before the season actually hits. This will ensure you don’t miss out on those good sales or miss out altogether. Sometimes these popular items sell out and then never restock!  Plus, if decorating for Christmas early makes you happy – I say go or it!

Want to shop for the items in the pictures? You can click the images themselves up above or click the images in the corral below!

Thanks so much for reading along pals,

Much Love,

Kori ~ from The Farmhouse Life

design board for upstairs landing

Upstairs landing design board and plan

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Decor and Styling | October 6, 2020

Creating an upstairs landing with purpose!

 Hey guys! I hope you’re enjoying your day today! I’ve been busily designing our next reno! If you’ve been following along, you know that we’ve been renovating our main entrance/entryway. We’re getting closer to wrapping that one up with the only two things left to install: the new railing and to reroute the electrical. Once that is done we’ll start shiplaping up the walls of the stairs which will lead us to our next reno project – the upstairs landing!

design board for upstairs landing

Plenty of space to work with

Our upstairs landing is pretty large! Like it could be a separate room if we threw up some walls. But I’ve always imagined it being a library nook. Add some built-in wooden bookshelves with glass doors and a comfy wingback chair with matching ottoman… and bam! A cozy library nook! Doesn’t that sound awesome?

One thing I do when renovating our 300-year-old farmhouse is to ALWAYS keep to the era of the house. It’s an OLD house and has some really cool features! I try and highlight those and mix in some old school charm to help tie the old and new together. So when planning this entryway I went for dark and moody! I’ve added Warm wood tones and deep greens and reds to help give the room some depth. I’m also adding a mural – which I’ve never done before but I’m beyond excited!

Updating the light fixtures

New lighting is an absolute necessity in our upstairs landing. Not only is there not enough, but the light fixtures are very outdated. Over the stairs, I’m adding a white chippy wooden chandelier. I’m also adding several gold sconces with white shades in the space as well. I can’t hang an overhead light in the landing itself because the ceilings are much too low. Those are the quirky things I’ve come to appreciate in our old house. I think adding a few new sconces and a floor lamp near the wing back chair will add enough light to the space. Maybe not a ton of light, but again I’m going for a library vibe which I imagine is a little dimmer and has warm lighting instead of bright and white.

Entryway table with mirror

At the top of the stairs, you’ll walk right into an entryway table. This will be a wooden table that will take up the wall space of that nook. Behind it will be a mural from Anewall. I’ve chosen a black and white scenic print. Over the entryway table will be a round gold mirror and two sconces on either side. I’m going for a really simple design because I want the scenic mural to be a show stopper!

Gearing up to start

Right now I’m doing all my ordering so that way we have everything on hand when we wrap up downstairs. I’m a few hours from an Ikea so I may go and pick up those items in store. Ikea’s delivery is really expensive so I’m sure when trying to convince the husband to take the trip with me knowing that we’ll be saving on the shipping costs will convince him lol.

And lastly, wrapping up the downstairs entryway has to come first. We’ve ordered our stair rail from an Etsy shop and are just waiting on it to be custom made and delivered. I’ll definitely write a blog post on the installation process of our custom stair rail when we get it.

I linked some of the products below if you’re interested in knowing some of the sources.

Thanks so much for reading, pals!

Much Love,

Kori~ from The Farmhouse Life

brick fireplace with horse picture on mantel and fall garland

Fall farmhouse decorating tour

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Uncategorized | October 5, 2020

Farmhouse Fall decor tour to get in the spirit!

This is my absolute favorite time of year! Anyone else?! From about September first to January first, I get those holiday warm and fuzzy feelings. Since the wee hours of September, I’ve been making Fall centerpieces and wreaths to get in the spirit.

I may have even put on a few lbs too because the chillier weather makes me want to bake! I mean who can resist a slice of pumpkin pie?! And with all those fresh pumpkins on my porch just asking to be baked!

Well, here we are into our first week of October and I’m ready to show you guys my farmhouse Fall tour! Just in time too because later this week I’ll start to add some Halloween decor to the mix!

I’m not really a huge Halloween decor fan, but it’s fun to add a few things for the kids. Plus, it’s a great way to get the kids in on the mix by doing a few Haloween crafts!

a woman holding a a pumpkin on the front porch with pumpkin, mums, and corn stalks all around her

Alright, let’s get this Fall tour started?!

Let’s pretend that there is inspirational music playing in the background. Like… Vivaldi’s Autumn. Ok, let’s all be honest. I’m sure this time of year we’re all sneaking Hallmark Christmas movies – and not listening to “Fall” inspired music. But just for now, let’s pretend to set the mood.

Now pretend like you have a cup of coffee in your hand. You know, a warm mug with a piping hot latte inside. It even has one of those pretty leaves formed from your steamed milk.

oh and ps. I learned this week that 90% of those coffee cups you see on the internet with perfectly formed steamed milk are fake! There’s a sight that you can copy and paste that perfect steamed leaf right into your own cup! I was kinda mad at first…and also super intrigued. I may have saved the site to try out later. So now you know If you ever see an image of me with a perfect latte – it’s fake!

Now imagine there is a fall candle burning beside you and that you are covered in cozy blankets and pillows (all fall-themed by the way) while you are watching this tour. Did I go one too far? No?! OK, now that I’ve rambled – Check out my Fall tour! A few of the images are DIY’s that I’ll link at the bottom so you can try them out yourself!

Dining room

boho farmhouse dining room with large wooden table and wooden exposed beams. Pumpkin floral centerpiece on a cake stand on the table and a red boho farmhouse rug on the floor.

white faux pumpkin with faux fall flowers in the center on a cake stand

large dining room table with pumpkins in centerpiece, large exposed beams, and open shelving with kitchen are on shelf

black buffet with wooden open shelves with white kitchen ware on them.

farmhouse fireplace with gold mirror and black candlesticks on mantel



entryway with red rug and wooden entryway table

entryway with white chairs and plant stand

Sitting room

sitting room with two large gray chairs and red boho rug

blue fireplace surround with a wooden clock on mantel

sitting room with large grey chairs in a circle and basket wall on the wall

Family room

family room with brick fireplace and garland on the mantel

brick fireplace with horse picture on mantel and fall garland

white vase on coffee table with acorn stems

Family room sofa with fall candle and black coffee table

Master bedroom

rust colored bedding with buffalo plaid pillows and exposed beams on the ceiling

farmhouse bedroom with exposed wooden beams and rust colored bedding. wooden secretary desk and wooden chair. buffalo plaid pillows and white knit blanket on bed.

That’s all folks!

Thanks so much for popping in to see my Fall farmhouse decorating tour! If you want to check out some fun fall DIYs I’ll link them below!

DIY Fall front porch sign

DIY faux pumpkin floral centerpiece 

DIY Fall welcome mat

If you’re looking to shop my home I have most of things linked and categorized by room. Happy shopping!

Thanks so much for reading along, pals!

Much Love,

Kori~ from the Farmhouse Life



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